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Santorini Greece Island Guide

The Santorini Greece Island happens to be famous for its impressive Mediterranean cuisines coupled with the most romantic sunsets, not to forget the caldera, and the volcano.

There is nothing like having your holidays in Santorini Greece, for most if not all this is dream of a lifetime come true. The mesmerizing city tops the list of top tourist destinations across the globe, and is one of the most sought after places in all of Greece.

Santorini Greece (1)The Santorini Greece Island features a lavish fusion of culture and diversity, where you can roam about the city, take hundreds of pictures and enjoy walking right through the awe-inspiring sceneries that you had yet only imagined to be existent in paradise. The baffling architecture is a true stunner, being distinctly Greek, like one of the many Greek fables and myths is an exceptional class of beauty in its own self. The town with its abundant restaurants and eateries seems to have come to life, with its plastered walls and distinct blue roof tops as a treat to all ones senses, right from ones wildest imagination.
Easy access to this compact paradise right here on earth contributes greatly to the spurring tourism on the Santorini Greece Island; the tourist season has been extended to November starting from early April as many cruise ships now dock here. Travelling between many other Greek islands is very easy and hence the holiday can be combined with tripping to other islands making it a complete package.

Santorini Greece (2)Santorini Greece sunsets

What also seems to come almost straight out of your fantasy is the endless variety of some of the world’s most tempting edibles. With some of the most ravishing sunsets and the sweet aroma of these traditional, irresistible treats everywhere one would turn in the streets of this utterly satisfying man made town, it is to no wonder that it is so popular. The heavenly Santorini Greece desserts, pastries, tarts happen to be another specialty of this well cultured city, the never ending sea stretched out right before your eyes makes for a great view to wake up to. This is truly the best of the ancient Greece infused with convenience of modernity, topped with some sizzling flavors – The perfect mixture to great and lasting holiday memories.

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Top Attractions at Paradise Island

Paradise Island Review

Whether it’s a relaxing basking session on a white sandy beach you crave, a dip in heavenly turquoise waters, a shopping spree at local and high end outlets, a game of roulette at a big time casino, or a sampling of exotic seafood – Paradise Island has it all – and that too just an hour away from Florida by air!

Paradise Island (1)Paradise Island mythology

Atlantis Paradise Island is saturated with myths of Atlantis – and they seem to be a natural part of it, rather than a marketing tactic (even though the latter is the case!). For instance, the Royal Towards rotunda showcases the history of Atlantis through eight murals – how it advanced technologically, how the residents were proud of their place with the gods, and how Zeus smote them with lightning to drown them. These eight murals, while part of the tourist attractions, will obviously strike children as real life legends!

Paradise Island (9)Paradise Island Waterpark and aquariums                                                       

Aquaventure, the island’s 141 acre waterpark, has over twenty million gallons of water pumping through its water slides and river. In fact, the waterworks are the most prominent attraction of the sprawling resort. Besides the gigantic waterpark, there are also 6 outdoor aquariums and lagoons with over fifty thousand animals spanning two hundred species – but these aren’t the only ones, besides them, there are numerous smaller aquariums dotting Paradise Island.

Paradise Island Adrdastra Zoo

Paradise Island (2)Paradise Island features the Bahamas’ sole zoo – and this complex depends on donations to stay up and running. Home to a good many animal species – from jaguars to potbellied pigs, its main attraction happens to be sixty trained flamingos marching harmoniously in three daily shows, and roaming the grounds of the complex when it isn’t show time!

Paradise Island Casino

If you fancy yourself as something of a gamer, why not try your luck at the largest casino in the Caribbean? The Atlantis Paradise Island Casino is a uniquely designed, state of the art casino that links the towers and spans an expansive lagoon. With its stunning glass sculptures lending it a vibrant aura, the casino attracts thousands of tourists each year. It has top of the line player tracking mechanisms which let guests use their room keys at game tables or slot machines to earn promotional reward points. You can indulge in Caribbean stud poker, craps, blackjack, roulette, baccarat and hundreds of modern slot machines.

If you’re a newbie, you can learn the basics of the game from free lessons offered by the casino daily.

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Cayman Islands (3)

Cayman Islands Travel Guide

The Cayman Islands, consisting of Grand Cayman, Cayman Brac, and Little Cayman, lie around 290 kilometers to the northwest of Jamaica. They have had a rather colorful geo-political history, being Jamaican dependencies until 1959, then a unit territory aligned with the Federation of the West Indies until 1962, and after the Federation’s dissolution, becoming a British dependency, with a new constitution drafted in 1972. Tourism is one of the two major industries of the Cayman Islands, finance being the other one.

Cayman Islands (10)Where to go in Cayman Islands

Stingray City

If you wish to observe stingrays in their natural habitats, even pet a few dozen of them while they wade in the Caribbean waters, this is the place to head to. Stingray City hosts an entire fleet of southern stingrays that gather near the shore.

Cayman Islands National TrustCayman Islands National Trust

The National Trust is responsible for the preservation of the traditional and cultural heritage of the Caymans, as well as providing protection to natural resources and wildlife. There are a number of historic sites you can visit e.g. Fort George, East End Light House Park, Walter Cemetery and so on.

Pedro St. James

The Pedro St. James Historic Site happens to be one of the Caribbean’s most iconic restorations, lying high over a limestone buff. The road leading to the site, with its mahogany and mango-tree shade and serene air, is equally enchanting. The Visitor’s Center features a modern multimedia theater where you can learn about two centuries’ worth of Cayman Islands’ history in just twenty minutes!

Cayman Turtle FarmCayman Turtle Farm

This place highlights the Caymanian’s role as stewards of the sea, and their connection to nature through vivacious, educational and hands-on experiences. You’ll get a chance to learn a lot about turtles, as well as other animal life on the Islands, including birds, predators, caiman etc. There’s also a state-of-the-art research and education facility dedicated to the preservation of sea turtle life.

Interesting Facts about Cayman Islands

High literacy rate:

The Cayman Islands had a 98 percent literacy rate at the start of the new millennium, owing to their free public education model inspired by the UK counterpart. There is also government funded postsecondary education and several oversees education programs in operation.

Economic blacklisting:

The Cayman Islands have long nurtured a reputation as a haven for tax evaders and money launderers, owing to their lax policies pertaining to money laundering. In fact, the Cayman Islands were blacklisted by the Financial Action Task Force based in Paris until 2001!

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Cayman Islands map

Aruba Hyatt Facts & History

The place wouldn’t be fitted for such a place. Perhaps, “Palace” would be a right term. Each year, several visitors come by and get Aruba Hyatt’s view. Aruba Hyatt contains restaurants and various amounts of attractive bars that can catch people’s interests. Additionally, there are several beaches that can make you feel fresh. Hence, book up a package and get your tickets to Aruba Hyatt to spend your vacations at this lovely spot of the world.

Aruba Hyatt (4)History of Aruba Hyatt:

Aruba Hyatt has been carrying its essence as being an exceptional resort of the decade lately. The Palm Beach contains the importance of providing relaxation to the visitors and the travelers. Aruba Hyatt is 5m from Tierra del Sol Golf Course and additionally contains 11 km from the Queen Beatrix which is its International Airport.  In addition, the resort possesses the overlooking palm-beach, something that can make you forget all your worries and feel relax.

Aruba HyattTop facts of Aruba Hyatt:

  • The resort contains laid-back rooms. You can totally get into the rooms and enjoy the additional Wi-Fi services. Once you enter in it, you wouldn’t find blemishes to spot on. The modern facilities of 21st century are all possessed by Aruba Hyatt.
  • There are four indoor and outdoor restaurants. Additionally there are a lot of bars too. The resort connects some nice seeming swim-up and beach bars.
  • Additionally with the white sand beach, Aruba Hyatt also has some outdoor pools, gyms and also the tennis courts.
  • In addition to the great facilities it is providing, Aruba Hyatt also keeps the water sports that can catch your interest and make you stay in for much more time then you have expected.

Best time to visit Aruba Hyatt:

Let’s explore to the topmost attractions it possesses and the best time to visit.

Let’s take a look;

  • Summer time – Summer Holidays (Junes and Julies)

You can find your placement at Aruba Hyatt in summers. It is the most appropriate time to visit. Because the moment you will be blessed with rays or when sun rays would strike onto you while you are laid by the sides of the swimming pools, would be amazing.

The beauty of Hyatt Aruba gets even more in summers because by every passing moment, you would feel like it is the best moment of your life. Hence, the best time to enter and find your way towards Aruba Hyatt would be the period of summers.

Aruba Hyatt

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Halong Bay Top Attractions

Halong Bay has been a prominent place for tourists from quite some time now. The most attractive thing about Halong Bay comes with the fact that it contains approximately 1,969 small islands. Throughout the year, you notice individuals, travelers, coming around from all around the globe to chill their moods.

Halong Bay (2)History of Halong Bay:

For the last hundred years, It beholds the attraction that seems never-ending. The place contains a coastline that is of 120km long. It is also termed as, “Vinh Ha long”.  It holds the beauty of containing around 1,969 small islands.

The water around the bay, within the islands keeps on attracting the interests of the visitors. The fishes within the water can also be seen easily, since the water there is quite clean and transparent.

In spite of the fact that the Halong Bay contains several islands, beholding oceans around itself, the fishes and other sea-eatable-animals are found in a large quantity. This helps the fishermen to sustain their families with a more than average income.

Halong Bay (1)Historic facts about Halong Bay:

  • Halong Bay have always kept the interests of people around the centers. You’d notice travelers and its own citizens filling up the islands 24/7.
  • Despite the fact that Halong Bay is a perfect place for to visit, yet one of its beauty lies in the fact that it provides a good business for the fishermen.
  • Halong bay is also known for the historic naval wars that was fought in previous centuries.
  • Halong bay was labeled as one of the most popular places for the tourists in the 19th

Halong Bay! A perfect spot for tourists:

Top attractions at Halong bay:

Halong Bay, it’s a perfect centre of attractions for many. The bay contains several gleaming islands that are good enough to make your day.

Islands at Halong bay have different sizes and forms offering refreshing overlook that will make you to stand and stare to its beauty for longer than just a little while.

  • Cat Ba Island:

Spring is the best season to visit the Cat Ba Island at Halong bay. Even though you might notice a bit warmer climate around the globe this season, yet at Cat Ba Island, you’d experience quite a soothing atmosphere in springs too.

  • Dau Be Island:

Visit Dau Be Island (at Halong bay) in summers so that you get to explore its popular swimming and diving spots. The place composes a look that is worth being admired especially in summers.

  • Dau Go Island:

Dau Go Island at Halong bay despite of containing a soothing look because of the oceans  around itself, yet it’s also known for its everlasting view that comes by its colourful cave which is somewhere about 20 meters high. In case you’re hoping to explore any place for taking snaps and gather the world’s beauty, then Dau Go Island is worth exploring.

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Halong Bay

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Ipanema Beach In Rio De Janeiro, Brazil

Ipanema Beach is located in between Leblon and Arpoador, towards the South Zone of the city of Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. Earlier the shore was not as famous as you all find it today; it gained fame with the word Ipanema Beach after the song “The girl from Ipanema” with the start of bossa nova sound, written by Antonio Carlos Jobim and Vinicius de Moraes some time back in 1962 with music by Jobim. The word “Ipanema” had come from the Tupi language that means “stinky lake”. Continue reading

Koh Tao Also Known As The TURTLE Island

If you want to enjoy the nature art then Koh Tao Island is one of the best places for your tour.  This island is situated in the heart of Thailand; secondary name of this island is ‘Turtle Island’. The island covers about 21 kilometers square, there are very few people knows that, it forms a Tambon within the district. According to the census of 2006, the population of Koh Tao Island is about 1382 due to which people love to go there because the calms and noiseless environment attract people toward it. As we all know this is very less populated beach so the main source of its economy is based on tourist, more the tourist will come more they will earn. The main specialty of this beach is its clean and clear water in which people loves scuba diving. Overall, this is one of the most beautiful and economical places for enjoyment. If you are planning for Thailand visit then you should plan to visit this island because the natural beauty is hidden there. Continue reading

Myrtle Beach A Coastal City In South Carolina – USA

Whenever you happened to be anywhere in the world or any part of the world; there is a possibility of visiting some iconic monuments of world-class level which you might not have ever visited or experienced of being there in the past. This sort of things might also bring some changes in your way of thinking or bring some far-reaching effect in your life; it would more pronounce if the site is inclined toward natural phenomenon. May be the possibility of you’re relying more on God increases as these sort of things you are experiencing around your surrounding does not a human being can even think off, and creating it up to this level of articulation is far-flung from human being’s metal approach. Continue reading

Koh Samui An Island On Isthmus In Thailand

Probably our reader must have some idea about this; what it is, why it so famous, and why people of every walk of life do visit this place. If you do not have any idea about it, better you go through this article and likely you all will be aware of this place. Koh Samui is an island, located in the Gulf of Thailand, may be about 35 km northeast of Surat Thani town. It is the most noteworthy Island in the Chumphon Archipelago. The island spread over on some 25 km at its widest point. It is enclosed by about sixty other islands, which jointly compose the Ang Thong Marine National Park and likely it has become for tourist target, including, Koh Phangan, Koh Tao and Koh Nang Yuan. Continue reading

Negril A Small Beach In Jamaica

Negril is no doubt a small but widely dispersed beach resort located across parts of two Jamaican parishes, Westmoreland and Hanover. We believe it is just about one hour and fifteen minutes drive from Sir Donald Sangster International Airport, in Montego Bay. The Westmoreland is the westernmost parish in Jamaica, situated on the south side of the island. The main city of Negril Jamaica, the West End cliff resorts to the south of downtown and the southern portion of the so-called 11 km beach are in Westmoreland. The northwest resorts on the beach are in Hanover Parish. The adjoining large town is Savanna-la-Mar, the center of Westmoreland Parish. Continue reading