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Reasons why you should visit the London Eye

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You may think of it as a giant Ferris wheel, and, indeed, it may be one of the most frequented tourist destinations in London, but it is definitely worth the slow spin. After you’ve boarded your glass capsule (25 people can go into each), you’ll experience a half hour, snail speed ascent and descent – but you’ll hardly feel any impatience along the way, since you’ll be rewarded with an unrestricted, unmatched view of London at the 443 foot top. Go for a night champagne flight and you’ll get to enjoy one of the best bars in England’s capital. You can continue your thematic journey into the city’s vistas by dining at the Skylon, a sparsely lit restaurant and lounge that overlooks the Thames with its floor to ceiling windows.

London EyeInteresting facts about the London Eye

  1. The London Eye isn’t a true Ferris wheel – it is, in fact, the tallest cantilevered observation wheel in the world.
  2. Kate Moss, the supermodel, has visited the London Eye a record 25 times!
  3. The London Eye sees more annual visitors than the Great Pyramids or the Taj Mahal.

London EyeReasons to visit the London Eye

  1. An unrivalled experience: It is the only attraction which provides a continuously varying 360 degree view of central London. You’ll get to see city from the Thames, from the roofs of the buildings and from an incredible height of 404 feet, all in a single visit.
  2. An ideal location: Right at the heart of London, and immediately opposite Westminster Abbey and the Houses of Parliament, the London Eye will treat you to superb views of the city’s historic landmarks.
  3. An icon of London: Hanging gracefully over the Thames, the London Eye is a modern marvel of engineering and design, the first and only cantilevered observation wheel on the planet.

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London Eye

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Ten Artifacts That Make Visiting The British Museum An Absolute Must For History Buffs

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Housing one of the largest and most diverse permanent collections among all museums of the world, it isn’t hard to see why the British Museum is such a popular tourist attraction in London. From the Elgin Marbles, fabled in controversy, to the Rosetta Stone’s legend, the ghoulish Egyptian mummies to the Lewis Chessman, the British Museum has so many highlights that you won’t be able to see all of them in just one visit at the British Museum!

British MuseumTen artifacts that make visiting the British museum an absolute must for history buffsJaguar-shaped poporo

1. Jaguar-shaped poporo

This golden jaguar-shaped poporo (i.e. a lime container), which has been featured in the temporary exhibit Beyond El Dorado: Power and Gold in Ancient Columbia, is a demonstration of the extraordinary technical prowess of ancient Colombian artisans as they crafted precious metals into beautiful artifacts through hammering and casting techniques.The Vindolanda tablets

2. The Vindolanda tablets

These tablets were excavated from northern England in 1974, at the site of an old Roman military outpost. These unique fragments were preserved by waterlogging at rubbish deposits, and are the most ancient surviving handwritten relics in all of Great Britain.Mummy of Hornedjitef

3. Mummy of Hornedjitef

This one of the many Egyptian mummies in the British Museum’s permanent collection. Hornedjitef was a prominent priest in Amun’s Temple at Karnak during Ptolemy III’s reign (246 to 222 BC).

4. Black-figured amphora depicting Achilles and Penthesilea

This ancient amphora (i.e. wine jar) has been dated back to 540 to 530 BC, and is believed to have been crafted by the noted ancient Greek potter and vase-painter Exekias.

5. Sir Percival David Collection of Chinese ceramics

This exotic collection of Chinese ceramics, loaned on a long-term basis from the Percival David Foundation, has its very own gallery at the British Museum. Its priceless treasures include the David Vases and Ming Dynasty bowls, which are two of the most famous Chinese porcelain vessels in the world at the British Museum.Rock crystal skull

6. Rock crystal skull

Originally believed to be an object from ancient Mexican times, this rock crystal skull was bought by the museum from Tiffany and Co. British Museum has been examined several times ever since, and was eventually found by experts to be a fake that was made only recently.

7. The Becket Casket

After he was murdered in 1170 at the Canterbury Cathedral, Archbishop Thomas à Becket was declared a saint and his remains were spread between some 40 similar caskets all across Europe.

8. Apotropaic wand

This wand is from ancient Egypt (around 1750 BC), and was used to protect against threats and evil spirits during childbirth and early infancy. The artifact is made out of hippopotamus ivory, and is covered by multiple protective symbols believed to safeguard the health of the mother and the child.

9. Discus-thrower

This Roman statue is actually a copy of the original bronze one which was sculpted in the 5th century by Myron, the Athenian sculptor.

10. Bronze figure of a seated cat

This bronze feline artifact represents the goddess Bastet and is an illustration of the high regard given to the domestic cat in ancient Egypt.British Museum

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7 Amazing Facts About Ayers Rock

Uluru, more famously called Ayers Rock after Sir Henry Ayers, is one of Australia’s most popular natural landmarks. The ancient monolith is formidable, to say the least, and has incredible statistics. The name Uluru is from Aboriginal tradition, and it is also the official name given to the landmark. Uluru refers to a rock that was formed some 600 million years ago, and has been inhabited by the Aborigines for the last 10 millennia! Originally, it was present at the bottom of the sea, but over the centuries it has attained a height of 348m.

Ayers Rock (2)Lying west of the Simpson Desert, it isn’t far from the Red Centre of Australia, and is 463 kilometres away from Alice Springs by road. Here are some fun facts about this impressive natural landmark which are bound to amaze you:

  • Only a small part of the monolith is above ground, the rest (around 2.5 km!) lies beneath it.
  • Even though it is huge, it still isn’t the largest monolith in the world – that title is held by Mount Augustus in Western Australia.
  • The Uluru is 348m above ground and over 860 meters above sea level – as a comparison, that’s taller than the Eiffel Tower in Paris. It has an equally impressive circumference of 9.4 kilometres, or 5.8 miles.
  • Uluru, was originally declared a national park in 1950; in 1956, both Mount Olga and Ayers Rock were taken from an Aboriginal reserve to create the national part. However, after 35 years of campaigning, the Anangu aborigines regained the rights to the Ayers Rock park as its traditional owners.
  • The Uluru and Kata Tjuta landmarks are the property of the Anangu to this day, and they lease it to Parks Australia since 1985 – the original leasing was an historic moment and is referred to as handback.
  • The landmark and the national park at Ayers Rock, it lies in are both a living cultural landscape. The Anangu reside in it according to their law, Tjukurpa, and keep both their culture and country strong. You may come across the Anangu people going about their daily life on your trip – dot painting, singing and dancing in their traditional way, recounting stories or gathering bush tucker.
  • The rock art present on Ayers rock dates back to at least five millennia, and is one of the representations of the Anangu’s living culture, the other being wooden crafts, body art, sand painting and modern artwork.

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Ayers Rock (8)Ayers Rock breath taking cloudy view

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Facts About Magic Kingdom Theme Parks

Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom is, without a doubt, the world’s most popular theme park when you consider the annual attendance it gets – 17.5 million people visit it each year, which means the park’s staff performs nothing short of a miraculous job keeping it running without a hitch!

Magic Kingdom (6)The Magic Kingdom has some pretty astounding facts and numbers associated to it – why not go through a few of them below and impress your family and friends with your knowledge of the first theme park in Walt Disney’s World:

  • Magic Kingdom opened as the first part of Disney’s Florida Project plan, on October 1st of 1971. It was the sole theme park in the resort at that time, and its opening was accompanied with two other hotels as well – Disney’s Polynesian Resort and Disney’s Contemporary Resort. It had 23 attractions at the time it started, three of which were unique while the other 20 were copied from those of Disneyland.
  • It has a system of tunnels below it called the utilidors. But these tunnels aren’t really underground, in fact, they were first constructed at ground level after which the park was constructed over them.
  • The Seven Seas Lagoon situated at the park’s front is really a manmade lake. The soil which was dug up to create the lake was used to construct the ground level upon which the Magic Kingdom was constructed.
  • When the park first opened, Disney was anticipating a crowd of roughly 100,000, but the opening day attendance only reached a tenth of that amount!
  • Magic Kingdom (9)Magic Kingdom main Street, USA got its inspiration from the town present in Marceline, Missouri, where Walt Disney lived as a child.
  • The Magic Kingdom has pipes beneath it in the utilidors tunnel system that utilize pressurized air to transport trash to its destination at speeds of 60MPH!
  • The trashcans in the park aren’t more than 30 steps apart – this was a calculated decision by Walt Disney when he designed the park, and was based on the fact that on average, people dropped trash after walking 30 steps holding it.
  • The park has a 107 acre spread, which makes it more expansive than Disneyland California.
  • The tallest structure in the park is the Cinderella Castle, at 189 feet. The second tallest structure is the Space Mountain, at 183 feet.
  • Disney bought Cinderella’s Golden Carousel from Maplewood, NJ’s Olympic Park at the Magic Kingdom in 1967. It had originally been built by The Philadelphia Toboggan Company in 1917, which was one of the most respected carousel companies around. 90 of the Golden Carousel’s horses are originals that have been carved from wood by hand. There are also eleven more that have been made out of fiberglass by Disney.

Magic Kingdom (2)Magic Kingdom fireworks

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Magic Kingdom Welcome ShowMagic Kingdom – Let the memories begin!

Magic Kingdom

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Eiffel Tower An Iron Lattice Tower In Paris

Today we are going to highlight Eiffel Tower. This is a huge mankind structure and now it is highly recognizes for its beauty. This is an iron lattice structure and located in Guinness world record book as a 7 wonder of world. This huge and amazing structure is located in Paris. There are very few people who know the story behind its name Eiffel, actually the government of Paris wants to give tribute to an engineer who designed this structure and the name of engineer was Gustave Eiffel. In the start of erection many engineers and people objected its design but Eiffel was very much confident on his designed and he confidently erected his designed. This structure also owns the title of longest structure in Paris and most favorite place in Paris for tourist. The revenue generated from this place via tourism is approximately 6.98 million dollars in 2011. Continue reading

SeaWorld Orlando A Theme Park In Florida

Entertainment, fun is the basic necessity f life. Today we are going to highlight the most famous and beautiful park of the world and its name is SeaWorld Orlando. This is a theme park; the focus of this park is based on marine and zoological things. This amazing and nearest to nature park is located in Orlando, Florida. The developer of this theme park is SeaWorld Orlando entertainment industry. This is a perfect entertainment complex and one of the best places for tourist of Florida, there is a park, restaurants, all kind of entertainment and fun. Continue reading

Trafalgar Square A Tourist Attraction In London

There is no possibility of denying the importance of Trafalgar Square. It is a public space and considered to be a tourist attraction in central London, constructed around the area formerly known as Charing Cross. It is situated somewhat in the borough of the City of Westminster. At the centre of the place, there is a column known as Nelson’s Column, which is guarded by four lion statuette at its base. There are a number of commemorative statues and sculptures in the square while one plinth, remained empty since it was built-in 1840, The last Plinth, has been host to contemporary art since 1999. This place or square has also been used for political demonstrations, agitation, and society gatherings, such as the festivity of New Year’s Eve. Continue reading

Sydney Opera House Arts Centre In Sydney

The Sydney Opera House does not need any kind of introduction, every single person aware about the specialty of the opera house. This Sydney opera house is a venue for multipurpose things like arts, music, theater and many others. It is located on Bennelong Point at Sydney Harbor located in Australia. This amazing opera house was designed by a Danish architect whose name was John Utzon. The opening ceremony of this opera house was held on October 20th in the year of 1973. The design of the opera house is really unique and the architect won the title of the best designer in International design competition. Continue reading

Disneyland Park The First Of Two Theme Parks In Paris

Disneyland was the original name of the park, later on it turned out to be Disneyland Park. It was built at the Disneyland Resort in Anaheim, California, dedicated on July 17, 1955. It was the only designed park theme and built under the direct supervision of Walt Disney. Before discussing further in detail, we like to concentrate our discussions on its history, as the mostly people know what it is and how does it look like, but hardly people knows about its history how did it came into existence. Continue reading

Niagara Falls (10)

Niagara Falls The Collective Name For Three Waterfalls

Hardly there will be any literate human being who have not even heard or come across with the word Niagara Falls or have visited the place in spite of living nearby the falls location or the one who does come from United States to Canada using this passage where it is located, or the one who goes out from Canada to United States adopting this passage. It is the collective name for three waterfalls; it is located somewhere near the international border area of Canada between the province of Ontario and the state of New York. They form towards the southern end of the Niagara Gorge, and United states. Continue reading