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Barcelona Spain (9)

Barcelona Spain Review

The name of Barcelona Spain is very famous in the industry of football. Barcelona is the capital of Spain and included in the 2nd largest metropolitan in the world. The total population of this fantastic city is approximately 1.6 million people. The name of the city is included among highly populated cities as its urban territory extends in the administrative area with a population limit of 4.5 million. Continue reading

Hong Kong (10)

Hong Kong Travel Guide

Hong Kong is one of the most famous cities in the world, it is a part of the people republic of China. It is located on the southern coast of the country. As we all know that, Hong Kong is very much popular because of its high-rise building, beautiful skyline, highly populated harbour and a lot more things. According to official census, the estimated population of that Metropolitan is around 7 million. The majority of citizen living in Hong Kong are Chinese. The local languages of the people living in Hong Kong are Cantonese. In short, It became the centre of attraction in the Asia. Continue reading

Statue of Liberty (5)

Statue of Liberty – USA

Today we are going to write about the most popular monument in the world known as the “Statue of Liberty”. This fantastic sculpture is categorized under neoclassical art. It is located on the New York Harbor also known as Liberty Island. Back in the year 1886 on 28th of October, a designer named “Frederic” who was a French designer who has designed this beautiful huge piece of an art. Continue reading

Cancun City (5)

Cancun A City In Southeastern Mexico

Our beautiful world is full of soothing places as well as dangerous places, this time we bring one of the most beautiful and soothing places to spend time with your partner and the name of that place is Cancun. Actually, the Cancun city is located in Mexico. As we all know, due to its elegant beauty and clean and clear environment the place became the top-10 favourite destination for tourists. The city located on the shore of Caribbean Sea and the easternmost part of City. In ancient time, this city was also recognized by a name called Cancun. You must be thinking about the real meaning of that city then, the exact meaning of the city Cancun name is ‘The land of snakes’. Continue reading

Death Valley (8)

Death Valley Review

Today we will going to discuss some amazing  facts about the Death Valley, there are many people who are not aware of the place well. Actually, the Death Valley is a desert located in the state of California. In other words, it is one of the hottest places in the North America. There are lots of amazing stories about it, as it is the lowest elevation in North America, which is about 282 feet below the sea level. It’s second name it is called as “Furnace creek”. The average temperature of the desert is around 56.7 degrees Celsius. Continue reading

Fernando de Noronha (5)

Fernando de Noronha

Our world is full of attractive and unique places. Islands has become the core of attraction for the tourists. The name Fernando de Noronha is on top of the list of beautiful Islands from all over the world. The Island is located in the Atlantic Ocean. The exact location of Fernando de Noronha is 354 kilometres ahead from the coast of Brazil.  Continue reading

Las Vegas (9)

Las Vegas – United States

Since the world came into being, people tried to invent different ideas to make their lives more entertaining. Today we are going to reveal one of the most entertaining cities in the world and its name is Las Vegas. The nickname of the place is Vegas and it is located in the United States of America. According to the official report, it is the most densely populated city in the Nevada state. Continue reading

Miami Beach (11)

Miami Beach – Florida

The name of Miami Beach is listed in top 10 countdowns. No one can deny the beauty of this fantastic beach. It is categorized in a coastal or resort city located in Florida, United States of America. Miami Beach was lately discovered in 1915 on 26th of March. As per survey or census result of 2010 the total population of Miami Beach was 87 thousand. From the start of 20th century, Miami Beach is listed among the most prominent beaches and resort of USA. In short, we can conclude in a single line that this amazing beach is the centre of attraction for tourist. Continue reading