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Lake Bled A Famous Lake In Julian Alps

It is quite obvious that, major portion of our earth covered by water due to this water has its own beauty and attraction. Today we are going to discuss one of the famous and most beautiful lakesides and its name is Lake Bled located in the north-west of Slovenia. Because of its connection to the town of bled the full name of this place becomes Lake bled. Like other islands and lake this is also included among the favorite tourist destination in the world. This wonderful creek covers 35 kilometers from Ljubljana International airport while 55 kilometers from the capital of that city. The total dimension of this lake is about 2120 m long and about 1380 m wide and the depth was recorded 30.6m which is about 100 feet. This lake is a mixture of glacial and tectonic origins. This is one of the best examples of natural beauty because this pond is surrounded by forest and mountains and the calm environment gives you heaven feeling for sure. According to analysts this is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. Continue reading