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Blue Lagoon Attractions

Honestly folks ask yourselves? What are those magical places which instantly pop in your mind when you think of tourism? Most of you would probably say that it is the magnificent Taj Mahal or the sky-high Eiffel tower or may the breathtaking valleys of Switzerland or perhaps the skyscrapers of New York, which typically arrests almost everyone’s attention in no time. But friends, the world doesn’t end here. There is so much else left to be explored. So many mesmerizing places, yet to be captured by your cameras.

Blue Lagoon (1)Blue Lagoon – The place to visit:

So, if you love travelling and wanna make your vacations a memorable one, then Blue Lagoon is the perfect stop for you, making its place among the top twenty-five wonders of the world. It offers the opportunity of hot spa for its tourists too. Warm and electrifying blue water rich in minerals like Sulphur and silica is dispatched from geothermal plants. The water is replaced twice a day, thus guaranteeing no compromise on their customer’s hygiene. So, in today’s world where everyone is occupied with their work, Blue Lagoon can prove out to be a perfect vacation spot to say goodbye to your worries and hectic routine. Then friends, what could be a better option than to take your time out and give a rest to your stiff muscles?

If yes, then quickly pack up your bag packs. Fill it with whatever is necessary. Fill your pockets with a handsome amount of money and then grab your tickets and catch your flight to the wonderful Iceland (The Blue Lagoon).

Blue Lagoon pools

  • Blue Lagoon Spotlights:

Blue Lagoon is offering a variety of facilities to their tourists. Starting from its very famous and unique silica mud mask, which do wonders in rejuvenating and refreshing your skin, going all the way up to the man-made waterfalls, which soothes the tired body. But the party is not yet over!

Also, there are sauna and steam baths, which itself will be a unique experience. Plus, you can also enjoy an in-water massage for thirty or seventy-five minutes. It will really prove out to be peaceful for your mind and soul. Then you are also provided with relaxation area. You may take a break from the water and lay back in your seats to enjoy the mind blowing scenery of the Blue Lagoon Iceland. But along the trip if you feel hungry then you can always rush into the famous Lava restaurant, which offers scrumptious food. Thus, no growling stomachs!

So, do pay a visit to this exotic and heavenly place (Blue Lagoon) and don’t forget to click tons and tons of pictures.

Blue Lagoon, the best place to spend vacations.



Blue Lagoon foggy poolsBlue Lagoon fog

Blue Lagoon (4)

Blue Lagoon (5)Blue Lagoon tourist attractions

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Blue Lagoon (7)Blue Lagoon pools

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Blue Lagoon (9)Blue Lagoon Pictures


Best Hotels in the World

The best hotel in the world, as voted on by many people, is the Eden Rock in Saint Barthelemy in the Caribbean. It is renowned as a luxury resort and since it’s in the Caribbean, hardly needs anything more than an epic architecture to make an unforgettable impression. Eden Rock in SaintThe hotel is under the ownership of Pippa Middleton’s prospective in-laws. Leaving the stunning beauty of the resort aside, the surroundings are even more beautiful. Aquamarine skies, honey dripping sunsets, shades of violet and orange falling into a perfect synchrony as the sun goes down. The clear blue water to compliment it and topping the perfect picture off are the white sands. Those who have the chance of staying at this restaurant can chose to have the view of the ocean or a stunning view of the garden.

Hotel Du Cap-Eden-Roc - Best Hotels in the WorldAnother hotel that dominates the hearts of all those come to experience all that it has to offer is in Europe and known as the Hotel Du Cap-Eden-Roc in Antibes, France. Popular for its views of the French Riviera. And mind you that the picturesque views are nothing short of perfect. It is a huge, magnificent building and has 116 spacious and lavishly decorated rooms which are split into three different locations. This hotel underwent a mighty $67 million renovation and thus has every right to be counted as one of the best hotels in the world. Aside from the decorations and mind blowing views, the award winning menu won’t disappoint you in the least but add the final touches to making your experience perfect.

St. Regis Bora Bora resort - Best Hotels in the WorldIn Australasia there is an Island called Bora Bora. And this isn’t just any island because it has its own volcano and mountains and a jungle. Though the Island isn’t that big but the St. Regis Bora Bora resort is not only expensive but also one of the most beautiful places you’ll ever visit. They promote the natural beauty of Earth and thus makes you able to distress from the worries of the world and if that isn’t enough it also has a spa. Definitely a place everyone must visit.


Luxury Caribbean Resorts

The Cayman Islands are the main attraction when it comes to the Caribbean. Amongst the three beaches, the Seven Mile Beach is known to be one of the best. It’s not just the enviable views and the honey dripping sunsets that makes you fall in love, the luxury resorts surrounding the amazing crescent shaped shore are sure to take your breath away. Mile Beach Resort - Luxury Caribbean ResortsThe Westin Grand Cayman Seven Mile Beach Resort and Spa makes for one of the best resorts. The menu is amazing and the rooms are very well decorated and spacious. They even have heavenly soft beds and cloud-like fluffy pillows with mini fridges as well as huge TV’s. But with the views of natural beauty who wouldn’t be seduced by the fascinating and dynamic dance of colors starring Nature.

Grand Cayman Marriott Resort - Luxury Caribbean ResortsGrand Cayman Marriot Resort

Another resort at the Seven Mile Beach is the Grand Cayman Marriot Resort and it’s for those tourists who wish to travel in style and prefer their surroundings and accommodations to be the same. With prime beach access and lavish rooms supplied with all things unnecessary to sustain life I.E TV, this resort gives you one of the best experiences of your life. The food served being as good as it can be. Good food, good surroundings. What more could you want?

Coral Sand ResortCoral Sand Resort

The Coral Sand Resort is another one that is situated on the Seven Mile Beach. Almost all the amazing and notable resorts and restaurants are situated on this beach as it serves as the jewel of the Caribbean. The Coral Sand Resorts are a bit different in the sense that they provide, in a sense, apartments. The public areas of this resort are equipped with high speed internet which can be yours at the cost of some extra cash. Self-parking is another feature of this resort. The luxury apartments however are in a different league entirely, offering you own outdoor pool, barbecue grills and even a garden. There is also shuttle service available which can pick and drop you from the airport and it’s available 24 hours a day.


Burj Al Arab The World Most Luxurious Hotel

This beautiful, and distinctively sail-shaped building with its majestic silhouette against the setting sun, stands out on the shores of modern Dubai. Burj Al Arab today represents not just a marvel of mankind’s innate ability to conquer nature, but also the wealth and luxuries that the world has to offer. The design in itself is brilliant but what this state of the world; world famous hotel really is popular for lies inside. Apart from the mind blowing, truly extravagant interior, the services are a true delight, though for most the experience is unaffordable yet the stay here is the most memorable you will ever have in your life.

Burj Al Arab (3)When we say you are buying your way into royalty as you decide to make a stay at Burj Al Arab, we mean it. Burj Al Arab has repeatedly been voted to be the world’s most luxurious hotel, making it one of the most sought after holiday destination for those who have a taste for world’s finest services and facilities with a view.

There is an optional luxury of availing a chauffeur-driven Rolls-Royce, if you are feeling very royal and have slaved the entire year away at work, Burj Al Arab is your ultimate holiday destination. The experience comes together with Gold plated iPads, yes, you heard me, GOLD PLATED, in every room. When you visit this startling hotel, mind you, there is nothing modest, neither the price nor the great variety of options they even have 17 different kinds of pillows that you can choose from to sleep at.

Burj Al Arab (2)The truly intimidating seven-star Burj Al Arab hotel is located in the heart of world’s most popular tourist destination these days, Dubai. Said to be the shopper’s paradise, Dubai has it all. Burj Al Arab has been designed in sail shape to represent Dubai’s rich nautical heritage, and has been a part of many pictures. It almost a compulsion for tourists to get a picture snapped here, almost like their trip to Dubai remains incomplete without a short trip to the wondrous Burj Al Arab.

Burj Al Arab (1)From what can be defined as no less than spectacular settings together with a welcoming and impeccable service, Burj Al Arab has redefined luxury. With great cuisine from all over the world and a diverse range of activities to indulge in, you will reconsider leaving to buy your friends and family some souvenirs, every minute of staying at Burj Al Arab is indeed a pleasure.

Burj Al Arab (4)Burj Al Arab hotel – Dubai

Burj Al Arab (5)Burj Al Arab Pictures

Burj Al Arab (6)Burj Al Arab dine

Burj Al Arab (7)Burj Al Arab aerial view

Burj Al Arab (8)Burj Al Arab inside view

Burj Al Arab (9)Burj Al Arab sunset

Blue Mountain (4)

Blue Mountain top facts

One of the most beautiful attractions it keeps within its essence. Yes the Blue Mountain, an alpine ski resort placed in Ontario, Canada. Every year thousands of travelers and visitors find their interests being caught by it and hence they take out the chance to explore it whole-heartedly. It is placed on a section of Niagara Escarpment.


The Blue mountain resort contains some incredible features for tourism for the last couple of decades. Every year individuals, residing in the different parts of the world come by and take an exposure of its wonderful surrounding.

Blue Mountain sells more than 750,000 tickets per year. It has been labeled as one of the most inspirational resort of the century lately that inspires people from all around the world to come by and take an exposure of its beauty.

Note: it now also offers the downhill mountain biking in the months of summers.

Top facts:Blue Mountain (2)

  • Blue Mountain sells more than 750,000 tickets each year and this makes it the third-topmost busy ski resort of Canada.
  • It contains more than 42 runs, 16 chairlifts and also the 3 freestyle terrains. Hence, it’s termed as Ontario’s largest resort which is extensively filled up with individuals coming from all over the year.
  • Although the beauty of it is always on the topmost positions, yet the blue mountain resort holders don’t step any back from renovating it every once in a while. The resort has recently included some new high-speed lifts and different other features that are worthy of being experienced.

Blue Mountain (1)Blue Mountain! A perfect place to visit:

Let’s explore to when is the best time to come by Blue Mountain and witness its beauty for the sake of real fun.

  • Winters – Late December:

In winters, you’d witness Blue Mountain offering the 42 runs and 3 freestyle terrains. The passionate visitors while speaking of their visit at the Blue Mountain conclude that winters in Blue Mountain can be quite fun. The 16 chairlifts and plenty more of its aspiring features will grab your interests to the centers and you wouldn’t want to go back to your homes.

  • Initial June Period:

Additionally if you’re scoping to explore the top of Blue Mountain resort in the steamy days, then this initial June period can be the perfect time to visit. Blue Mountain additionally keeps some stunning activities for the summer time too i.e. world class golf to the tennis clinics. Moreover there are plenty more good spots for the enjoyment, where if you’d enter once, you wouldn’t want to leave.

Blue Mountain (3) Blue Mountain (4) Blue Mountain (5) Blue Mountain (6) Blue Mountain (7) Blue Mountain (8) Blue Mountain (9) Blue Mountain (10) Blue Mountain (11)


Aruba Hyatt Facts & History

The place wouldn’t be fitted for such a place. Perhaps, “Palace” would be a right term. Each year, several visitors come by and get Aruba Hyatt’s view. Aruba Hyatt contains restaurants and various amounts of attractive bars that can catch people’s interests. Additionally, there are several beaches that can make you feel fresh. Hence, book up a package and get your tickets to Aruba Hyatt to spend your vacations at this lovely spot of the world.

Aruba Hyatt (4)History of Aruba Hyatt:

Aruba Hyatt has been carrying its essence as being an exceptional resort of the decade lately. The Palm Beach contains the importance of providing relaxation to the visitors and the travelers. Aruba Hyatt is 5m from Tierra del Sol Golf Course and additionally contains 11 km from the Queen Beatrix which is its International Airport.  In addition, the resort possesses the overlooking palm-beach, something that can make you forget all your worries and feel relax.

Aruba HyattTop facts of Aruba Hyatt:

  • The resort contains laid-back rooms. You can totally get into the rooms and enjoy the additional Wi-Fi services. Once you enter in it, you wouldn’t find blemishes to spot on. The modern facilities of 21st century are all possessed by Aruba Hyatt.
  • There are four indoor and outdoor restaurants. Additionally there are a lot of bars too. The resort connects some nice seeming swim-up and beach bars.
  • Additionally with the white sand beach, Aruba Hyatt also has some outdoor pools, gyms and also the tennis courts.
  • In addition to the great facilities it is providing, Aruba Hyatt also keeps the water sports that can catch your interest and make you stay in for much more time then you have expected.

Best time to visit Aruba Hyatt:

Let’s explore to the topmost attractions it possesses and the best time to visit.

Let’s take a look;

  • Summer time – Summer Holidays (Junes and Julies)

You can find your placement at Aruba Hyatt in summers. It is the most appropriate time to visit. Because the moment you will be blessed with rays or when sun rays would strike onto you while you are laid by the sides of the swimming pools, would be amazing.

The beauty of Hyatt Aruba gets even more in summers because by every passing moment, you would feel like it is the best moment of your life. Hence, the best time to enter and find your way towards Aruba Hyatt would be the period of summers.

Aruba Hyatt

Aruba Hyatt (9)

Aruba Hyatt (2)

Aruba Hyatt (8)

Aruba Hyatt (7)

Aruba Hyatt (1)

Aruba Hyatt (6)

Aruba Hyatt (5)


Top attractions at Burj Khalifa

A centre of attraction of Dubai, keeps the interests of Dubai’s citizens aligned. No wonder that once you glance at it, the sentiments awaken and the individual feels a beautiful feeling being generated in itself. Yes, Burj Khalifa being known as Burj Dubai – one of the mega-tall buildings placed in Dubai.

Burj Khalifa (2)History of Burj Khalifa:

It all happened with an intention to break records of being the world’s tallest building. Even though the economical conditions of Dubai weren’t as good back then, yet the invention was to be commenced in any way to shatter all the records. Hence, it happened! A start-up of the world’s tallest building (Burj Khalifa) got its advent and now you witness It sustaining its importance as being one of the most outstanding building in the globe that provides quite an impressive look to its visitors.

Burj Khalifa factsTop facts of Burj Khalifa:

  • One of the fun fact that is to be jotted down about it is that the overlook which Burj Khalifa radiates is so worth watching that whenever a visitor or traveler enters Dubai, he/she doesn’t lose the chance to make a “Selfie”, standing around it.
  • Burj Khalifa contains 24,348 windows and the building is composed of glass and aluminum only.
  • Burj Khalifa composes an essence of having fastest elevators that move with a speed of 18 meters per second.
  • Burj Khalifa is 828 meters high, breaking all the records as being the tallest building around. It’s just as you merge three Eiffel Towers together and then you get Burj Khalifa.

Although Burj Khalifa spots are just a perfect place to come by every once in a while, yet, there comes few of the most fitted moments on which you’re advice to must take a look of Burj Khalifa’s soothing view.

  • June’s 1st, Sunset (Summers):

Summers, when you witness the climate is not accordingly as your mood. While the life isn’t moving as you’re hoping for it to go, then is the perfect time to come and sit by one of the world’s tallest buildings (Burj Khalifa).

  • Initial Falls Days:

Or you can also visit it and book up a package to experience your moments here in the early Falls. Make sure that  the climate doesn’t get too cold and just because of the heavy cold, you don’t get a chance to go out and enjoy moments at the Burj Khalifa to the fullest extent.

Hence, even if you’re hoping to have an exposure of Burj’s Khalifa in the cool climate, then make sure that the climate doesn’t get too cold.Burj Khalifa (8)Burj Khalifa construction

Burj Khalifa (1)

Burj Khalifa (3)Burj Khalifa Dubai

Burj Khalifa (1)

Burj Khalifa (6)

Burj Khalifa (9)Burj Khalifa tower pictures

Burj Khalifa (5)

Burj Khalifa (2)

Burj Khalifa


Andaz West Hollywood (10)

Andaz West Hollywood A Hotel At Sunset Boulevard, California

We believe, most of the people will not be aware of with the name of Andaz West Hollywood, what it is, and why it is so famous, why people like to know much about it? Before discussing further ahead in detail on the subject topic, we like to make our reader familiar with the word what it is first, why it is so famous. This information is required to be shared with our reader merely on the reasons for having their participation in discussions. Continue reading