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Vital Essentials That You Need to Know About Applying For a China Visa


In the near future, are you planning to travel to China for some future commercial purposes, for pleasure or for schooling? If answered yes, you must be in need of a China visa. Irrespective of the reasons for traveling to China, you’re most likely going to require a visa. So, now that you know that you’ll need a visa, you must be wondering how you can get one. How much does a China visa cost? What are the different kinds of visas that are available? The entire process might seem to be intimidating and daunting but that doesn’t mean you can avoid going through it. In case you don’t know much about applying for a China visa, read on the concerns of this article.

Requirement for China visa

There are higher chances that if you’ve clicked on this article and you’re reading it, you will be in need of a visa. Although there are many exceptions, majority of people will need a visa. Here are the situations when you will not need a visa.

  • You’re traveling through China on your way to your destination and you will be staying within the country for more than 24 hours. In such cases, you need to stay off within the area of your transit like the train station, airport or port.
  • You’re residing in one of those 15 cities which have a transit policy which allows the travelers to stay there for 72 hours or less than that on their way to their ultimate destination. If you stay in these 15 cities, you will be allowed to spend time to roam around without the requirement of a visa.
  • You’re from Singapore, Brunei or Japan and you plan to start off with a business, or you’re out for a vacation for less than 15 days.
  • You’re traveling to Hainan with a group of 5 and you plan to stay there for not more than 15 days.

Where would you get a Chinese visa?

Where and how would you apply for a visa for China depends on where you live. If you live in the US, you will require applying for visa at the Chinese Consular Office, and the location of this place depends on the state in which you reside. With regards to China visa application, the applications have to be delivered to the CVASC or the Chinese Consular Office. There’s no option to hand-deliver your application or get someone to deliver it on your behalf to the visa agency or travel agency.

What might be the cost of your visa?

Well, the fees can depend on where you’re applying, the required entries and the nationality. You can predict to pay somewhat $30 to $150 USD. People from some countries like Slovakia, Albania and Bulgaria won’t be charged any fee but if you’re from UK or the US, you may expect to pay the highest possible rate.

Therefore, if you’re about to seek a China visa, you should take into account the above mentioned information on the process.

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passport requirements for USA

Valid Reasons Behind Your Passport Getting Denied- Staying Aware Of Them

When you plan to move out of the country, getting your passport is the most vital step. With time, the entire process of applying for a passport has gotten much easier. But that doesn’t reduce the necessity of doing your homework before applying for it. There are lot of students who seek help of passport agents before applying for a passport but if you’re doing some prior planning, you actually don’t require being dependent on such third-party people. It is possible to avoid all such hassles and save your dollars by following the guidance of the experts. There are many reasons for your passport being denied. Do you know the reasons? If answered no, check them out.

Passport requirements for USA

  1. Missing documents: First and foremost you should make a checklist of each and every document that you need to submit along with the application of your passport. Make sure you take a close look to the checklist and remember the documents that you need to take before submitting them. The biggest reason behind denying a passport is the inability to submit all the necessary documents. If you can’t prove your citizenship, this is yet another reason for getting your passport application denied and therefore it goes without mentioning that you have to prove your national identity. Your driver’s licence, birth certificate, PAN card are all needed.
  2. Photocopies: You might require submitting some photocopies of some documents when you apply for a passport. You have to ensure that the copies are clear, legible and as close as possible to the original document. Would you want the documents to look too dark, contorted or smudged in ink or distorted? The main focal point is in the details of the document and hence you have to be very careful. Don’t be lazy to look at such minor details.
  3. Issues with signature: While you’re applying for a passport, you have to make sure that your signature matches well with all the forms and documents which you require submitting. In case there’s a mistake in the way of your signature, you’re going to face huge issues. When your signature isn’t consistent through different documents and forms, there are high chances of your application getting rejected.
  4. Fees for application: This more of an obvious reason which is worth mentioning but most often it is the obvious one which we tend to overlook while in a hurry. Ensure paying the exact stipulated amount that you have to pay as application fee while applying for a passport. If you fail to do so, that will lead to a rejection of the passport application.

So, if you’re wondering about getting help oin Los Angeles passport agency or looking for passport renewal in Los Angeles or same day passport los angeles, you should get in touch with a professional who can give you the right advice about the dos and don’ts. The entire process of applying for a passport or renewing one is extremely complicated and hence you should be careful about what you do.

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