Alaska Northern Lights overview

Alaska Northern Lights overview

Alaska northern is an excellent adventure tourism destination – its sheer expanse, abundance of wildlife, scenic beauty and unique landforms make it one of the most iconic pieces of land in the world – not just the US!

If you think Texas is big – you’ll be surprised to know that Alaska is twice its size. In fact, Alaska northern has an area of bare permafrost that is three times as big as California! Alaska ranks second among all vacation spots in the States, and here are a few reasons why:

  • Denali National Park

Alaska Northern (7)The northern Alaska Range is home to Denali National Park – one of the US’s largest, and covering the highest peak in North America. The 20,320 foot high peak’s traditional moniker is Denali, but it is known as Mount McKinley among modern trekkers. Interestingly, the name of the peak is contested among the locals.

Nomenclature aside though, the 6,000,000 acre expanse of tundra, river valleys, glacier tipped peaks and lofty alpine ranges is an awe-inspiring wonder. Alaska Northern (10)This Alaska northern park is accessed by a single road, and you can only travel in official buses past the Savage River.

Denali National Park is a treat for wildlife lovers, being home to wolves, bears, elk, reindeer and many other animals. There are also over 167 bird species reportedly residing in the park. If you’re into sleds and huskies, the Sled Dog Kennels are also worth a look.

  • Kenai Fjords National Park – Alaska northern

Alaska Northern (9)If you’re looking for an amazing sightseeing experience, you needn’t look further in Alaska Northern – this National Park houses the greater part of the Kenai Peninsula coastline and its plethora of fjords. Besides vistas of glaciers and fjords, you can also expect to see the huge brown bear, hunting salmon in its natural habitat.

  • The Alaska Highway – Alaska northern

Running from Dawson Creek, British Columbia, to Fairbanks via the Yukon Territory, the highway was constructed for military purposes during the Second World War, but has since become a vital land route to the Yukon Territory and southern Alaska. It can make for an excellent sightseeing adventure on an RV through Canada and south Alaska, after which you can move on to the sights and sounds Alaska northern has to offer.

Alaska Northern (8)Along the way, be sure to look out for Alaska northern lights (aurora borealis) as well as captivating cultural attractions. Remember, though, that the Alaska northern lights are best viewed in the winter months!

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