Bali Island Review

Bali Island Review

There are very numerous people who actually know about wonderful Islands located in the world. Today we are going to discuss beautiful island named as Bali. It is the province of Indonesian country including few others smaller Islands. This beautiful destination is located in the western part of Sunda Island. According to the census of 2010, the official of Indonesian government reveals that, the total population of Bali Island is around 3,890,757. The population gradually increases and the census of 2014 quoted the population figure around 4,225,000. It is considered the hometown for Hindu community residing in Indonesia. Another Muslim world considers Indonesia as Islamic state but as per census of 2010 the majority of the people were Hindu.

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As we all know, places in Indonesia is best for travel destination and the island like Bali is the a hot tourist attraction for the visitors. The environment over there, the beaches, traditional dance, painting, metal work and music are extremely mesmerizing. After the start of 20th century, the number of visitors increased because government started to facilitate them efficiently. There is a lot of facilities which became the point of interest in here.

Another aspect or speciality of Bali Island is that, it is considered as the Coral Triangle because it has a high ratio of biodiversity of sea species. Approximately 500 number of coral types could be found in this place. If we compare with other Caribbean seas then it is 7 times higher than other, so due to this tourist get attracted. The crystal clear water of beaches is the best destination to enjoy a dive in. To facilitate the travellers, government appointed professional divers so that anyone could enjoy the real fun of diving.

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It also owns the hosting opportunity of ASEAN summit in the year of 2013 and also owns the hosting of Miss World 2013. In short, it has a lot of opportunities for the travellers because it is simply the heaven on earth. If you have not visited it yet then you must plan to go there because it is truly amazing, Bali Island is the best beach for honeymoon couples.

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