Bangkok Thailand! A perfect place to visit..

Bangkok Thailand! A perfect place to visit..

A place of which the humans strive to be a part, Bangkok Thailand it is. Bangkok is a capital of Thailand. The beauty and the attractions of it catches the interests of the travelers lies in the fact that Bangkok Thailand is continuously shining. It’s adored by the travelers for the ornate shrines and vibrant street lives it beholds. The crowded environment of the place is the reason to its attractiveness.  Additionally, it also beholds the network of canals that flow along the Rattanakosin royal districts.


Bangkok Thailand the only city of the country that holds the essence of having small towns and villages. Additionally, the commercial and the economical growth of Thailand generate from the spots of Bangkok. It’s placed on the delta of the Chao Phraya River, having about 25 miles which is approximately 40 km long. Initially Bangkok Thailand was divided into two parts (Krung Thep which was on the east bank and Thon Buri, residing on the west).

Bangkok Thailand is also a hub of cultural and commercial growth and its beauty lies within the historical and ornamental places that it beholds.

Bangkok Thailand (2)Bangkok Thailand! A perfect place to visit:

Top facts:

  • Bangkok Thailand’s climate is continually hot throughout the year. Additionally, the citizens of it experience the annual rainfall of 1,500mm in totals.
  • As mentioned above, the attraction of its essence lies in the fact that the Bangkok’s palace is unconditionally crowed. The modern Bangkok Thailand is containing some severe amount of growth in the population lately.
  • The homes and houses that you will mostly witness in Bangkok Thailand are two-story and made of wood.

Bangkok Thailand (7)Best time to visit Bangkok Thailand:

The seasons in Bangkok Thailand are all containing the glimpses of hotness. Hence, it’s essential for you to go through the guideline of when to visit it and when not. Take a look;

  • October to December:

For those who know, Bangkok Thailand carries its extensions quite above from the normal steamy climate. There are three seasons that it composes of – hot climate, very hot climate and unbearably hot climate. Hence, if you’re scoping to explore Bangkok Thailand’s beauty and attraction then make sure that you take its exposure in a mediocre-hot climate i.e. From the Oct to December.


  • May to Oct:

Additionally there commences a season of heavy rainfall. You can also admire its attraction when the heavy rainfall is in the continual run. From May to Oct can also be the appropriate time to take an exposure of Bangkok Thailand with your family and friends because a rainy climate is always a fun to be a part of. The crowded streets of Bangkok Thailand will essentially chill up your mood to the point that you’d start to feel like home in it.

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