Barcelona Spain Review

Barcelona Spain Review

The name of Barcelona Spain is very famous in the industry of football. Barcelona is the capital of Spain and included in the 2nd largest metropolitan in the world. The total population of this fantastic city is approximately 1.6 million people. The name of the city is included among highly populated cities as its urban territory extends in the administrative area with a population limit of 4.5 million. In the European countries, it holds number 6th ranking in the list of populated developed countries. Roughly officials estimated that, there are more than 5 million people lived in the area. The highest peak surface here is around 512 meters high from mean sea level.

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In the early middle age, It was the capital of Barcelona County. Later on, it got merge with Kingdom of Aragon and became the important part of it. History reveals that, it was rich in cultural heritage. The government earns most of its revenue from its tourism industry. Due to the presence of historical buildings tourist love to visit this country. The country architecture is amazing and UNESCO monitors that heritage too. It had the pride for hosting the summer Olympics in the year of 1992, other than this tournament Barcelona host many other formal events which became the pride of that stunning place.

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As per tourism report, It became the top tourist destination. People never get bored when they visit the city, the rich cultural buildings, entertainment, arts & crafts, parks and beaches always make the tourist journey memorable. According to world economic organization report, Barcelona Spain holds 24th in the strongest economy while 4th position in the listing of countries that has strongest GDP. The actual figure of its GDP is almost 177 billion Euros. In the year of 2012 the record GDP was 170 billion Euros. In the year of 2009, Barcelona Spain holds 3rd position in the Que of successful European cities.

If you have not visited this amazing city yet, then do take a chance and go with your life partner to make you visit memorable.

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