Caracas Venezuela Review

Caracas Venezuela Review

Caracas Venezuela is another sightseeing area of the world, more or less equivalent if we say even better that the other, we will not be wrong. Have you ever realized in your leisure time as to who is the one creating such beautiful location for the human being? Naturally you will agree to my point it must be a God. This area is not a human made city, if it is so and you realize it not anyone else except God, why we do not pray and say thank to our God for creating a series of such beautiful valley composing of rock terrain which we believe turning and moving a single rock beyond human range.

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Caracas Venezuela’s official name is Santiago de León de Caracas, its capital and considered to be the largest city in Venezuela. Caracas is positioned in the northern part of the country, following the contours of the thin Caracas Valley on the Venezuelan coastal rock terrain. This particular terrain is suitable for building lies between 2,490 and 2,990 ft above sea level. The valley is adjacent to the Caribbean Sea, divided from the coast by a steep 7,200 ft high mountain range, Cerro El Ávila; to the south there are more hills and mountains.

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Caracas, a city of great assortment, offers tourist a wide range of landscape. The different areas of the city make it a thrilling and interesting metropolis where custom and modernism become one. Caracas has an excellent transportation system: there is a complex network of roads that cross the city right from east to west and north to south; an excellent underground transportation system known as El Metro de Caracas, which we believe one of the world’s tidiest and most modern approach, with many buses, stand all over the city; and bus routes known as Metrobus, which join the metro stations with some of the more remote.

In recent past, especially during oil booms of the 1970s and 80s, Caracas has seen extraordinary growth. Many of the original majestic buildings were replaced by luminous modern edifice, although there are still historic jewels to be found in the modern shadows. A greater part of the cultural and architectural attractions can be found in the area immediately surrounding Plaza Bolivar, the town center.

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