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Is Venice On Your Bucket List?

Art, culture, history, nature and love – Venice seems to have it all in one city. The city of love and the city of water. The city where you can lose yourself in ancient architecture and modern ways alike. A vacation in Italy is simply incomplete without a trip to Venice.venice city (3)

This city with red roofs have no roads, just canals and is a basically just a collaboration of a hundred small islands. Venice is quite a wonder in itself. It is unimaginable what they have made of it. Although sadly, the water levels are slowly rising which means that one day this glorious city will no longer be on the map. All the more reason to see it now before it’s lost.

Here are things that you can enjoy in Venice:Mark’s Basilica

  • Mark’s Basilica:

A work of magic. This is the most famous church in the Venice city and dates back to the 12th century. The artwork that it holds is truly magnificent and the architecture is simply divine.

Mark’s SquareVenice City – Mark’s Square

  • Mark’s Square:

A visit to this vast expanse is a must because it offers the experience of the traditional European roadside experience. You will find cafes where you can unwind and enjoy the lovely Adriatic Sea breeze and admire the beautiful work of architecture that makes the square. This is the largest square in Venice.Grand CanalVenice City – Grand Canal

  • Grand Canal:

Can’t be missed. Just can’t. A trip to Venice is incomplete without seeing the Great, Great Canal and the gorgeous blue lagoons.Fine Arts Museum

  • Fine Arts Museum:

It’s not just the destination for art lovers but for anywhere who has a taste for the finer things in life. So much beauty and so much to see. You will definitely have an evening you will remember here.

lido veniceVenice City – Lido Beach

  • Lido:

Because luxury is a modern day need. Here you will find a luxury beach resort which you can explore on foot or on a rented bike. Whatever you choose, the place is unbelievable. It is the just way to complete your trip. And if you find yourself vacationing in Venice in August or September than you may lucky enough to witness the International Film Festival in full swing.

The above mentioned were just a few things that you can do in Venice. There is still a ton more to see and do that you will find yourself extending your trip. That is a promise, folks.

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Things to do in Vatican City

Ever find yourself in Vatican City? If you want a spiritual holiday or just a walk down history, then this is the place to be. The place is literally crowded with art and historical monuments. Stuff that dates back a 1000 years or more. Vatican City is at the edge of Rome and there is only a fine line between Rome and Vatican City.

It has population of less than a thousand people and it covers only 110 acres. Vatican City has its’ own laws that are largely enforceable. Strictly no shorts, sleeveless or hats. Scarves are allowed and your knees should be covered at all times. The locals actually take A LOT of offense when these rules are not met. It is a holy state and respect and modesty are highly esteemed.

Well, there is so much there to do and see that we should jump right into it.

Fun fact: Vatican City is actually a country. Yes, the smallest country on the planet! Peter’s Basilica

  1. Peter’s Basilica:

Of course this is on the top of the list. This church dates back to the 4th century and is the center of Roman Catholics. It is also the largest and most famed church in the world. Under the church are the crypts where popes and St. Peter are laid to rest. It is also home to the Pope. There are tour groups that can show you around and tell you all about their tradition and historical facts.Vatican City Museum

  1. Vatican City Museums:

Art lover? Well, you can see all those famed arts pieces in all their glory here. Michelangelo, Raphael and Bernini- all you can see. Vatican City museums actually house the best of Renaissance art and also, own most of it.Sistine Chapel

  1. Sistine Chapel:

We all know the painting of Michelangelo where God is reaching out to Adam and their fingers are only an inch apart. Yes, the painting lies here. Actually it is painted on the ceiling. Quite a sight, it will leave you awestruck. But put your cameras away, because photography is strictly prohibited.Meet the Pope vatican city

  1. Meet the Pope:

Yep, it’s true. When you are in Vatican City, ask around for the guard vatican city

  1. Meet the Swiss guards:

I know it sounds stupid but it’s actually a thing. And if the guard is up to it, maybe he’ll take a picture or two with you.

You are going to have a holiday of a lifetime at the great Vatican City. Truly enlightening.

Vatican City (1)Vatican City sunset

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Things to do in Florence, Italy

Florence Italy, is the capital city of Tuscany province, is a globally recognized tourist destination, owing to the central role it played during the Renaissance era, becoming a nexus of that time’s architecture and aesthetics. As a hub for medieval commerce, Florence Italy is in fact credited with birthing the Italian Renaissance. Florence Italy (1)Florence Italy is filled with sites of historic and cultural importance, making it one living, breathing history and art museum:

Ponte VecchioFlorence Italy – Ponte Vecchio

Encompassing the Arno, the Ponte Vecchio is an old bridge appearing in thousands of tourist photographs – it has three segmented arches, it was originally constructed by the Etruscans, and subsequently rebuilt during the fourteenth century. Expensive jewelry merchants are present on its flanks, making it in an even bigger attraction for tourists to Florence Italy, who are already dazzled by the picture painted by night time reflections on the water.

Santa Maria del Fiore

Also called the Duomo, the Santa Maria del Fiore remains a huge presence in Florence Italy’s skyline. It’s the largest masonry dome in the world, with architecture dating back six centuries: colorful marble Gothic façades, intricate mosaics, frescoes, and statues, combined with the formidable Giotto’s bell tower and Baptistry, makes it a complete portfolio for Renaissance era construction. Its top has excellent panoramic views of Florence Italy.

Florence Italy Piazza della SignoriaFlorence Italy – Piazza della Signoria

Having served as a nexus for politics and historic events, this square is one of the major tourist attractions of Florence Italy, providing access to the Palazzo Vechhio, the Palazzo Uguccioni, the Ponte Vecchio, the Loggia de Lanzi and the Uffizi Museum. It also houses a fortune of famous sculptures – for instance, a copy of the Statue of David crafted by Michelangelo, Hercules and Cacus, the Fountain of Neptune, Perseus with the Head of Medusa.

Florence Italy Uffizi GalleryFlorence Italy – Uffizi Gallery

Globally recognized as one of the greatest museums of art, the Uffizi Gallery is situated in Piazza della Signoria. Constructed as a palace in 1560 to cater to Florence Italy’s magistrates, it turned in to a gallery for art after the Medici dynasty went out of power, showcasing an astounding collection of Renaissance era art pieces. It has been open to public since the mid-18th century, and houses thousands of works of art by Renaissance era greats like Leonardo da Vinci, Botticelli, Titian and Michelangelo. Note that only a few people can enter the museum at one time, so as not to spoil its artwork, which is why it is a good idea to book your tickets in advance, so you don’t have to wait in a long queue.

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Tuscany Italy (10)

Top facts about Tuscany Italy You Should Know

No wonder that Italy beholds some of the most recognizable cities in the world. One of those cities is Tuscany Italy, a region that is packed with some great cultural and the artistic history. Hence, all over the globe individuals and travelers aim to experience its beauty and witness some of the best places ever.

History of Tuscany Italy:

Tuscany Italy is an area that is of about 23,000 sq kilometers. The place is known for the landscapes, traditions and cultural importance that it beholds. Tuscany Italy has been labeled as the initial birth point of the Italian Renaissance. The place still holds the importance for having command in generating the good arts and architectures. Since this place has a quite impacting identity for having a nice cultural identity, they label it as a nation, within a nation.

Tuscany Italy (9)Top facts about Tuscany Italy:

  • Tuscany Italy is termed as one of the greatest repository in the field of art among the world’s topmost artistic countries.
  • The visitors and the travelers that take an exposure of Tuscany Italy come for different reasons i.e. in search of fine arts, to take a look of a beautiful extraordinary countryside.
  • Tuscany Italy beholds its essence as a palace which is very much wide. The discoverers speak of it as a part of the world which will teach you about various aspects of life and the world.
  • You can walk around the corner of Tuscany Italy but the interests you’d hold to learn more about it wouldn’t just seize. Hence, you would travel more and more to the corners of Tuscany Italy and get the perfect knowledge and information about the different aspects of the world.

Tuscany Italy (10)Tuscany Italy! The city of arts and architectures:

Let’s explore to when is the best time to visit Tuscany Italy.

  • March – A month of sweet celebrations:

March is the best time to visit Tuscany Italy. In case you want to take snaps and collect the moments of your life, then essentially March is the month in which sweet celebrations take place. Most of these celebrations are dedicated to celebrating food and the similar items. Moreover the celebrations are also done for the advent of early springs season and the days of Easter.

  • Museums in Florence – Between April 25th and May 2nd:

Tuscany Italy possesses some stunning Museums in Florence too. I bet, once you go there, you wouldn’t wish to step out it. In case you like to search about the historical arts and ornament that the world’s culture is blessed with, then booking up a package for visiting Museums in Florence, residing within Tuscany Italy between the dates of April 25th and May 2nd will be the most appropriate option to go for.  Tuscany Italy (8) Tuscany Italy (7) Tuscany Italy (6) Tuscany Italy (5) Tuscany Italy (4) Tuscany Italy (3) Tuscany Italy (2) Tuscany Italy (1)