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Lake Hillier Also Known As The Pink Lake

Since Western Australia is quite rich in containing several kinds of lakes. As a part of that big quantity of lakes, Lake Hillier carries its essence as being one of the finest kinds of lake. The texture is pinkish, giving an outlook of a pink color. Every year visitors, travelers visit to Lake Hillier in order to chill their moods. Hence, this year book your package to visit Lake Hillier and make the most of your time.

Lake Hillier’s overview is like something you might have never seen before. The all-pinkish colored outlook differ its essence from many other kinds of lakes. In case you’re scoping to enter Lake Hillier for the sake of enjoyment and fun, just make sure that you’re not hoping to admire the beauty of a big size. Lake Hillier contains a small length but its beauty lies in the fact that it’s all pinkish. Neither the size of it will impress you and nor the kinds of fishes, residing inside.

Lake Hillier will enlighten the mood with the pink textured outlook that it is blessed with. Additionally, it’s also quite closed to Pacific Ocean. Hence, if you’d take a look of it from the upside – you’d witness a contrast of blue and pink oceans striking together.

Lake Hillier (11)Top facts of Lake Hillier

  • Lake Hillier is residing at Recherche Archipelago that is on the Middle Island. It is most enormous island at the south of Western Australia.
  • One of the most unique fact is that Lake Hillier composes of is that its water is all pink colored. Its beauty lies not within its size but the stunning outlook that radiates by its coloring.
  • Lake Hillier is also termed as “Pink Lake”. You’d witness several birds flying by it and residing near it. Lake Hillier is a home to different kinds of birds.
  • The Lake Hillier 600 metres lengthy and its width contain the numbering of 250 metres.

Let’s explore to when is the best time to visit Lake Hillier.

Early summers
Book a package to visit Lake Hillier in the early summers. Let it be early June, when you experience the gleaming rays of sun striking to your heads. Then could be the perfect time to visit Lake Hillier, you will witness the sunset, going right into the depth of the pink ocean. It’d definitely be a moment to rejoice that you don’t want to miss.

Late December
In case you just got married and want to explore the moments of your life with your wife or family, then late December can also be a time to experience the attraction of Lake Hillier. The soothing chills will unconditionally give a birth to the ecstasy in your mood. The perfect cool climate will also be the most appropriate option to go for visiting the Lake Hillier.

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Banff National Park, Canada’s Oldest National Park

Located in Alberta, Canada, Banff National Park is one of the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks – a collection of four national parks as well as a number of provincial parks which together make up a UNESCO World Heritage Site. Banff National Park has several native hot springs along with a hiking trails, winter sports, archeological sites, nature experiences and camping grounds, which is why it is a much loved destination for outdoor adventure fans from all over North America.

Banff National Park (1)Banff National Park History

A cave housing natural hot springs was discovered by three railway construction workers in 1883. This discovery led to the creation of a ten mile reserve around these springs two years later. Banff National Park happens to be Canada’s oldest national park, and third oldest in the world.

Today, it covers over 2500 miles, and a large part of its western edge is shared with the Continental Divide, the watershed mark which splits North American rivers into west and east.

The region used to house a boom town by the name of Silver City back in the 1880s – it was the largest town in Canada’s western region, but it didn’t last long. There’s another town, a coal mining community by the name of Bankhead that you can still visit if you’re interested in experiencing ghost towns.

Banff National Park (3)Banff National Park Visitor Centers

There are two official visitor centers in Banff National Park. They are located in the two chief communities in the park – Banff town, and Lake Louise village. Each visitor center has a local tourism office and also sells items such as gifts and maps. Both offices also let tourists reserve backcountry camping grounds, explore exhibits, and learn about the present weather and trail conditions.

Banff National Park (1)Banff National Park Activities

The most popular attraction in the park happens to be the Banff Upper Hot Springs. They are open all year long, and even have extended hours during holiday seasons. They have a separate wading area for children, comprehensive day-spa facilities, and restored 1930s era bathhouses.

The Cave and Basin Center is constructed around the two hot springs located at the park’s discovery site. Tourists can also view the very hot springs that led to the parks discovery and then go back in time to experience the restored Edwardian era bathhouse facilities.

A number of guide companies are operating in the park – they provide tours of the park’s most scenic trails and lookouts, besides ensuring that the tourists’ trips are educational and safe, whether they are on horseback, snowshoe or foot.

Banff National Park (4)Banff National Park lake view

Banff National Park (6)Banff National Park Transport

Banff National Park is also home to a small network of environment friendly vehicles known as the Roam transit buses. They run throughout the year, and on extended hours during the peak season (summer). They are a major aid in transporting huge amounts of tourists during summers – in fact, visitors are encouraged to park their cars outside of the town and use these vehicles for transport instead.

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Banff National Park (2)Banff National Park snow

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Banff National Park (7)Banff National Park Pictures

Banff National Park (10)Banff National Park paradise on earth

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Niagara Falls (10)

Niagara Falls The Collective Name For Three Waterfalls

Hardly there will be any literate human being who have not even heard or come across with the word Niagara Falls or have visited the place in spite of living nearby the falls location or the one who does come from United States to Canada using this passage where it is located, or the one who goes out from Canada to United States adopting this passage. It is the collective name for three waterfalls; it is located somewhere near the international border area of Canada between the province of Ontario and the state of New York. They form towards the southern end of the Niagara Gorge, and United states. Continue reading


Stanley Park A Public Park In Vancouver, Canada

Nothing like other large urban parks, Stanley Park does not come from the creation of a landscape architect and other historical building, but rather the evolution of a forest and urban space over many decades. Most of the man made structures we see today were built-in between 1911 and 1937 under the control of then superintendent W.S. Rawlings. Added attractions, such as a polar bear display, aquarium, and mini train, were added in the post-war period. Continue reading


Central Park New York In Manhattan

This is another fascinating area of relaxing, making fun, and enjoyment of life in the Central Park New York. It is located in within the New York City, in the vicinity of Manhattan. It is a national historical landmark that draws in approximately 40 million visitors from all over the world each year. It is stretched out from North 110th Street to South and from West to 5th Ave. Continue reading


Lake Bled A Famous Lake In Julian Alps

It is quite obvious that, major portion of our earth covered by water due to this water has its own beauty and attraction. Today we are going to discuss one of the famous and most beautiful lakesides and its name is Lake Bled located in the north-west of Slovenia. Because of its connection to the town of bled the full name of this place becomes Lake bled. Like other islands and lake this is also included among the favorite tourist destination in the world. This wonderful creek covers 35 kilometers from Ljubljana International airport while 55 kilometers from the capital of that city. The total dimension of this lake is about 2120 m long and about 1380 m wide and the depth was recorded 30.6m which is about 100 feet. This lake is a mixture of glacial and tectonic origins. This is one of the best examples of natural beauty because this pond is surrounded by forest and mountains and the calm environment gives you heaven feeling for sure. According to analysts this is one of the most beautiful lakes in the world. Continue reading


Dead Sea A Salt Lake On Border Of Jordan & Israel

The Dead Sea is also known as the Salt Sea. It is nothing but a salt lake touching one end of Jordan to the east and Israel to the other end of the west. Its surface and shores are of 427 meters below sea level. It is believed its shores are the lowest elevation point on land. It is considered to be 306 m deep, the deepest hyper saline lake in the world with 34.2% salinity. Further, it is seemed to be one of the world’s saltiest bodies of water though Lake Vanda in Antarctica. It is 9.6 times as salty as the other ocean.  This salinity makes for a callous environment in which animals cannot prosper; hence its name was termed as salt lake. It is 50 kilometers long and 15 kilometers wide at its widest point. It is believed it lies in between the Jordan Rift Valley, and its chief tributary is the Jordan River. Continue reading