Death Valley Review

Death Valley Review

Today we will going to discuss some amazing  facts about the Death Valley, there are many people who are not aware of the place well. Actually, the Death Valley is a desert located in the state of California. In other words, it is one of the hottest places in the North America. There are lots of amazing stories about it, as it is the lowest elevation in North America, which is about 282 feet below the sea level. It’s second name it is called as “Furnace creek”. The average temperature of the desert is around 56.7 degrees Celsius.

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If we talk about the exact location of the Death Valley, then it lies on the Border of California. The Death Valley is expanded to approximately 3000 square miles. The Telescope Peak is the highest point in this area, approximate the total elevation of the land is  11000 feet. The most recent analysis shows that, the Death Valley has hidden salt ranges in it. Some years later, it was recognized as the icecaps but as the plates moved the ice also got melt and this place turn into a Desert Valley. The season around here is very warm and no one can survive here for several days.

There are a lot of destinations in the Death Valley which are worth sightseeing. Those sites are Bad-water Basin, China Ranch, Hells gate, Dante’s View, Father crawly view, Hog mountains, Tecopa, new Ryan, West Side camping, Wilson Ranch and a lot more. There are lots of historic stories related some people who got stuck in the valley and could not survive and died. In short, it has eaten many people because of its warm environment, lack of water and no shadowed place where one can rest.

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Back in 1849 some Gold Rush scheme stuck here and later on they set this name as “Death Valley” because of its killing environment.  Back in 1860’s a team extracted silver and gold from this valley and later on Borax was extracted by Mulley wagon. While summarizing the story, in short, it is the most dangerous desert for those who do not have any experience of surviving in a Desert.

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