Easter Island – Facts, Guide, Pictures

Easter Island – Facts, Guide, Pictures

The subject to be negotiated in the article is about the world famous Easter Island, notable for its 887 monumental carvings known as MOAI constructed by the Polynesian people. These huge 13 feet tall and 14 tons heavy faces made of stones have decorated the whole island making it a place worth watching. Tourists love to visit the Easter Island. Definitely, the efforts and art work done by the people of rapa nui who designed such amazing stone models is considerable. Specially having them constructed in that period of time when technology was far from human hands. It’s the technique and hard work of the people of Easter Island who lived there at the time. The idea of executing such an artistic task seemed to have no specific reason until some analyzers and researchers estimated that the work was done in the honor of their island high officials who were no longer in existence at the time discussed.

Let’s learn about some of the interesting facts surrounding this amazing place.

Easter Island (3)Some facts about Easter Island:

  • The Easter Island also known as RAPA NUI is a part of Chile and is situated in the southeastern Pacific Ocean.
  • It is one of the world’s isolated land mass having a very less population.
  • The Chilean island is approximately 24.6 km long having an area almost 163.6 sq. km and is triangular in shape.
  • Rapa nui is a wide open land only having the Moai stones. The rest is just plain, maintaining its cool temperature and windy atmosphere.
  • Easter Island has a tropical rain forest temperature all the year round having rainfalls. In winters the lowest temperature to be found is 15c and the highest in summers is recorded to be 28c.

Easter Island (2)Easter Island

The first recorded visitor of the island was a European Dutch explorer named JACOB ROGGENEEN who actually named the remote expanse as Easter Island following his visit to the place on an Easter Sunday (5 April) in the year 1722. He was basically in search for another island named DAVIS ISLAND. The Polynesian population was not a huge figure ever, only having 15000 people estimated; however, having the rate dropped to 3000-2000 and furthermore to 111 people in 1877, the main reason found to be the capital’s environmental destruction due to the people’s own actions. The Polynesian people were known to be having their green world to be consumed to an extent which resulted in a huge loss for the people’s food requirement.

In 1995 UNESCO named the land mass (Easter Island) as a WORLD HERITAGE SITE due to its park looking views. The thing to be worried about is that the historic piece of art is losing its beauty by the environmental effects and there is an arrangement much needed to be done for its preservation.

Easter Island (1)   Easter Island (4)Easter Island Pictures

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Easter Island (6)Easter famous totems

Easter Island (7)Easter Island Aerial view

Easter Island (8)Easter Island map

Easter Island (9)Easter Island totems photography