Great Wall of China A Wonder On Earth

Great Wall of China A Wonder On Earth

Whenever we talk about the Great Wall of China, the first thing that hit into our brain is the ever made high and the longest wall built by the human being in the history of defense point of view. This Great Wall is the world’s longest human-made structure, spreading over around 6,400 km from Shanhaiguan in the east to Lop Nur in the west.This is in some sort of an arc that roughly delineates the southern edge of Inner Mongolia but spreading over to 6,700 km in total. It is considered the largest human-made structure ever built-in terms of weight, cover area, and mass. At its peak, the Ming Wall was guarded by more than one million men. It is believed somewhere in the range of 2 to 3 million Chinese died as part of the centuries-long project of building the boundary.

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The major structure was built during the reign of the First Emperor, the chief emperor of the short-lived Qin dynasty. This was not built as a single endeavor, but it was rather constructed by the joining of several regional walls built by the Warring States. It was situated much further north than the current boundary, and very little remains of it. It is nothing but a defensive wall on the northern border, built and maintained by several dynasties at different times in Chinese record.

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The boundary that can still be seen today was built during the Ming Dynasty, on a much larger range and with durable and lasting materials including solid stone utilized for the sides and the top of the Wall than any wall that had been built before. The prime purpose of the boundary was not to keep out people, who could cross the wall, but to make sure that semi-nomadic people on the outside of the boundary could not cross with their horses or return easily with stolen property.

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Great Wall of China (6)The significance of the Great Wall of China was to block off outsiders to whom they aren’t welcomed, but also bring in new traders or people in search for a better life. The Great Wall of China was originally intended as a protection against invasion from Mongolia; today it serves only as a major tourist attraction. In the present scenario, it has no military significance as today’s wars are no longer fought on horseback.

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