Hong Kong Travel Guide

Hong Kong Travel Guide

Hong Kong is one of the most famous cities in the world, it is a part of the people republic of China. It is located on the southern coast of the country. As we all know that, Hong Kong is very much popular because of its high-rise building, beautiful skyline, highly populated harbour and a lot more things. According to official census, the estimated population of that Metropolitan is around 7 million. The majority of citizen living in Hong Kong are Chinese. The local languages of the people living in Hong Kong are Cantonese. In short, It became the centre of attraction in the Asia.

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When the country won the Opium war held from 1839 to 1842 against the kingdom of Britain. After winning the war it took over by Japanese government but later on the state was handed over to the Republic. There are very few citizen knows that, Hong Kong became the first administrative place for the region. After working hard, Hong Kong became the central port for the national’s of the china. Later on the government decided to make it a business Hub for locals of the country hence it became the hub of trade & logistics.

Furthermore, the Hong Kong Metropolitan has the highest rate of per capita income and the local people enjoy the fun of highest per capita income. In another approach, it has the highest rate of development index. As per economic trade centre report, it became the 8th most traded hub in the whole world.

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Due to its high-rise building and structure it is also recognized as vertical city. In here you will never get bored because of its lighting and activities, if you have not visited Hong Kong yet then you must plan with your life partner or with your friends, to make your tour memorable. The atmosphere varies from mild to cold so you can enjoy all kind of weather over there. Do plan to visit this place so that you can analyse the story behind the success of this rising city.

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