Jakarta, The Capital City of Indonesia

Jakarta, The Capital City of Indonesia

The city of Jakarta is the hub of fascination for tourist all around the world and stand out as center of attraction and the Republic of Indonesia’s capital city. Some of the explicit belongings of the city are its worth seeing sites that includes about 13,000 islands. And the diversity found in its culture is evident from its population of around 180 million, coming up with about 300 ethnic groups that speak nearly 200 various languages.

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Jakarta is a designated as a distinct territory with a privileged status of a province, spread over an area of 637.44 square km area. The city enjoys the location of the archipelago, thus offers the major route the remaining part of Indonesia. This capital city comes with all that a good life and developed city entails, i.e. classy land, availability of sea and air transport that connects you to the rest of the country and even beyond.

Jakarta stands out as the tourists designated region as it attracts a number of tourists from all around the world. The availability of wide-spread transportation, ethnic sites, and comfortable stay is altogether what allows great tourism in the city. A couple of the languages are spoken here and amongst them the prime is Betawi Malay spoken by the “Orang Betawi” group and is spoken in two different varieties by the modern and conventional group of people.

Jakarta City (5)To talk about its significance, the architecture of the city is worth mention that is a reflection and also to its credit is the great influx of the tourism.  The Taman Fatahillah Restoration Project that initiated around early 1970s has been a major step for the restoration of the old heritage of Jakarta that is also well recognized as Old Batavia. The Old Portuguese Church has converted to a museum, while the Supreme Court building is house of fine arts and the old Town Hall is now the Jakarta Museum. Jakarta has successfully preserved its past and recovered its monuments to shape up the city into a modern look. Skyscrapers in the center of the city are part of a new look. The modern luxury and the skyscrapers give city a new look and brings in huge tourism. Moreover, the city has some of the up-dated educational institutes, research centers and cultural organizations, fulfilling all requisites of a modern city. In the recent past, Jakarta has managed well to achieve prominence as a principal metropolitan center. The quality of the life has improved transportation facilities have widened, the city has developed. All in all the city comes up with an improved living standards.

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