Little India Singapore A Singaporean Neighbourhood East Of The Singapore River

Little India Singapore A Singaporean Neighbourhood East Of The Singapore River

The Little India is located in the region of the Singapore neighborhood and it is across the river from the Chinatown. It is located right in the west of the river and also have a Kampong Glam in the side of the North. Both of these areas known to be very famous and the part of the urban planning of Rochor. The Little India is a very famous community commonly known to be a Tekka in Tamil community.

Little India Singapore (1)Little India SingaporeHistory

The history of the Little India is very famous and it is the distance from the famous Chulia Kampong. It is basically a division of the colonial Singapore. The Tamil immigrants came into the region and live in it. As the population of the area of Chulia Kampong increased very rapidly, the people moved towards the area, mostly the Tamil. The Little India was developed by the Tamil locals and the settlement took place from a very early time. It is located along the river f the Serangoon and have a really attractive view with a raising cattle. The area was starting to be developed and the traders look into the financial matter more closely. In the 20th century, the area gained an economic reputation. In the same Century, the area began with the population of Tamil and converted into a Little Indian region.

Little India Singapore Culture

The culture of the region is quite simple as in the India. They no longer tend to be segregated in the region and have a PAP policy of racial harmony in the society. The culture is similar to the India and they love their heritage and privacy. They produced the good land in terms of the commercial and the cottage industry. The area is very dominant with a Tamil culture and found to be a HDB estates zone. Alongside with a Little India is a Chinese region. However, everyone has their own way of doing things. For instance, praying and worship their God and business activities etc.

Little India Singapore (7)Little India Singapore Food Guide

The most amazing part beside trade and business is the Food of the Little Indian region. Sure, the taste of the food of Tamil is the best when it comes to spicy dishes. The dishes of the Tamil region are always known to be quite a special one and the Chinese travel from their region to the Little India to buy the food and different types of species. The spice like powder, grind rice, coffee of India has a different taste than the other region and the people love their food. Surely, not everyone can able to eat the Indian food, but if you like the spicy food, then you have come to the right place. The area is good in terms of hotel and restaurants and one can visit here to enjoy the wonderful and exciting dishes of the Indian culture.

So, if you want to change the environment and the culture, then it is quite worthy option to visit the Little Indian as they offer you a diversified society with a lot of activities to do.

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