London Bridge Travel Information, Pictures

London Bridge Travel Information, Pictures

Among the most well-known features of present-day England is the London Bridge located over River Thames. It is made iconic through the centuries by its inclusion in popular culture and the famous nursery rhyme ‘London Bridge is Falling Down’. The historical river captivates visitors cruising through the waters on Thames Clippers or City Cruises promising to aid in making the most of the tour.

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Attracting tourists from all over the world is its long history. Those with an adventurer’s soul will love delving into the London Bridge Experience and London Tombs, combining a lesson in British history with the terror of a horror movie to create an unforgettable experience through the ancient haunted tunnels. Terrifying zombies and other ghastly creatures relentlessly pursue their prey, making the entire ride charged with spine-tingling suspense.

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The Old Operating Theatre dating back to 19th century London is another fusion of history and horror. Now renovated in the form of a museum, it offers demonstrations of the early surgical procedures done without anesthetics. The herb garret presents the stock kept in the medicinal section of the hospital. The theatre is not particularly big and therefore quick to explore, but is brimming with insight into the medical history of the country.

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Those less fond of spine-chilling experiences can derive their own share of pleasure from London Bridge. The Shard offers a panoramic view of the surrounding region due to enjoying the unique position of being the tallest building in Western Europe. People wishing to enjoy a vantage point while dining will be pleased by the views available at restaurants like Blueprint Café, Hutong and Le Pont De La Tour (near ‘London Bridge‘). Close by is Borough Market, the oldest market of foodstuffs in the United Kingdom. Ranging from fresh local fruit, vegetables and cheeses to imported products, the place is a delight for all. It is accessible to customers from all over the world due to accommodating a large range of tastes and an endless variety of comestibles.

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Tourists wishing to simply relax near the river will find The Scoop particularly appealing. Being an amphitheater with free live shows and outdoor film screenings, it is a place teeming with life and entertainment. All in all, London Bridge and its surrounding attractions have something for everyone, welcoming people from all walks of life, regardless of age, gender and ethnicity.

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