Miami Beach – Florida

Miami Beach – Florida

The name of Miami Beach is listed in top 10 countdowns. No one can deny the beauty of this fantastic beach. It is categorized in a coastal or resort city located in Florida, United States of America. Miami Beach was lately discovered in 1915 on 26th of March. As per survey or census result of 2010 the total population of Miami Beach was 87 thousand. From the start of 20th century, Miami Beach is listed among the most prominent beaches and resort of USA. In short, we can conclude in a single line that this amazing beach is the centre of attraction for tourist.

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In 1979, it was listed in the register of historic places by the officials of the historic district. As we all know, this district is the largest firm for collecting and storing artefact in the United States of America. The history of this shore is quite interesting, actually in 1870 there was a family headed by henry Lum who purchased the whole land for just 25 cents per acre. Later on, they developed a refuge house in 1876. The main reason to construct this type of house is to provide food stuffs and shelter for those who got trapped in water on got shipwrecked. After that, they started planting coconut tree in the start of 1880’s and gradually this place became the tourist attraction. The whole city developed in the late 1896 and then the government of Miami purchased this land officially and designed professionally as per tourist destination.

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Now let’s highlight the interesting point of this place, here you can enjoy several things like Gleason theatre, Eden Roc, Fountain hotel, ocean drive, south beach, Versace mansion, Lincoln road and lot more things. The neat and clean environment with crystal clear water definitely makes your time soothing. You can enjoy the time with your family, girlfriend and with your friends. People taking sun bath and lying on the sand wearing bikini and gowns are the bold atmosphere you can find the shore. You should plan to visit Miami Beach for sure.

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