Myrtle Beach A Coastal City In South Carolina – USA

Myrtle Beach A Coastal City In South Carolina – USA

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Myrtle Beach has got some worth to visit. It is located in a coastal city on the east coast of the United States in Horry County, South Carolina. It is situated in the heart of a large and continuous stretch of beach known as the Grand Strand in northeastern South Carolina. It seems to be one of the major centers of tourism in the United States because of the city’s warm subtropical weather and extensive beaches, attracting and likely 14 million visitors each summer. As per record of the 2010 census, the population of the capital was 27,109, with the North side-Conway combined statistical area inhabitants of 329,449. With the introduction of numerous professional fireworks displays along the oceanfront is known among the top destinations for Fourth of July travel. It was ranked among its top 20 destinations for Fourth of July in 2010.

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Besides all these fact and fun making activities around this beach. The Convention Center has a large facility that hosts an array of diverse meetings, conferences, exhibits, and unusual events every year. The expansive center, which had opened some time back in 2003, also features a Sheraton hotel and resort. In spite of knowing the fact gambling is not legal in South Carolina, Myrtle Beach inhabitants and visitors have easy access to gambling by boat, as passengers can travel into international waters beyond the reach of federal and state gambling laws.

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