Panama City Capital Of Republic of Panama

Panama City Capital Of Republic of Panama

As we all know more or less about Panama City, today we will cover the authentic facts about the city. Panama is the largest city in the Republic of Panama. The approximated population of that city is around 880,691 according to the census of 2011. It is the main hub of the whole republic having the metro population of 1,440,381. It is counted from the centre of administrative hub as well as worldwide banking or commerce. According to the governmental report of the city, the approximated GDP per capita is 15 thousand and 3 hundred dollars. High-rise buildings & dense forest are the true beauty of that city. Panama international airport is also the centre of attraction for visitors, the airport also included among the busiest airports in the world.

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Panama was founded in the year of 1519 on 15th of august. Some Spanish person who founded the place, in past this main city was the stopping point of American trade route. In the year of 1671 on Jan 28th fire in the forest destroyed the whole metropolitan but the government never lost hope. They re-established the whole city by working day and night. In the year of 1673 it was finally set for the visitors. Many visitors called it Panama Viejo which is a common place for tourist attraction.

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Due to dense forest Panama is naturally a best destinations for rainfall and maximum recorded rainfall was 104.4 mm. The temperature is from warm or cold as per season. Tourism is the backbone of Panama City economy side by side e-commerce; trading and banking are other resourceful parameters of its economy. The country has organized set up of hospitals, schools, sports club and all kind of leisure facilities for their nationals. The tourist centre of attractions is sports, beaches, Islands, historical buildings, the culture of Panama and lot more things which entertain people who came for enjoyment.

If you have not visited the city yet and planned to do so then do not get late because it is the best destination for honeymoon or for dating. Do not get too late, do take a chance to visit it.

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