Plymouth Rock- Plymouth Colony Since 1620

Plymouth Rock- Plymouth Colony Since 1620

People wants to explore the world but due to lack of knowledge they just limit themselves to certain places, today we are going to highlight the beauty of Plymouth Rock because this is one of the most historical assets of the world. This is a traditional site of disembarkation of William Bradford; this area was funded in the year of 1620 as Plymouth colony. This is one of the ancient and sacred place for many believes, the first written experience of this place was recorded in the year of 1715 and describes this place with a nick of ‘a great rock’. Later on the first pilgrims to the landing of this pilgrim was founded after 121 years of its founded. This has been memorized on the shore of Plymouth harbor in Massachusetts.

Plymouth Rock (9)Plymouth Rock reads 1620

Plymouth Rock (5)Plymouth Rock Pilgrim site

According to one of the oldest book ‘’The Story of Pilgrims Father’’ which was published in 1606-1623 highlights he features and importance of this Plymouth Rock. This is real and having a size of fifteen feet long and 3 feet wide and pointing toward the east. This is now officially set for pilgrims. A thing which pilgrims not certainly did was a step on shore. One amazing thing of this is that, not even a single ship come near to his bolder in the season of highly crowded December Sea. The historical importance of this boulder is very suspicious and people come from all over the world to see this boulder. Due to this heavy stone many tourists comes every year and shares handsome revenue to the government.

Plymouth Rock (10)

Plymouth Rock (4)If you have not visited this place in order to explore the reality of this suspicious boulder, you must plan to go there and enjoy the story hidden behind this boulder. Every year there are thousands of people coming to explore the beauty of this boulder? Now the government made this place with many other eye catchy things so that people will enjoy after coming here. If you live in Massachusetts ten you should go there because this place is near to Massachusetts.

Plymouth Rock (6)Plymouth Rock in water

Plymouth Rock (2)

Plymouth Rock (1)Plymouth Rock sign board

Plymouth Rock (7)Plymouth Rock marking

Plymouth Rock (8)Plymouth Rock river

Plymouth Rock (3)Plymouth Rock pictures