Top 8 Facts about Redwood Forest, California

Top 8 Facts about Redwood Forest, California


  1. Hug to TALLEST TREES:

The local coast of the redwood forest tree grows up to 300 feet and even more, as compared to the highest pine tree at 268 feet or even if we consider tank at 162 feet.

The root extends as deep as 6 to 12 feet giving it a good strength against flood and wind and may extend it to fifty feet from the trunk.

Something that nature lovers would love to see.About 2,000-YEAR OLD REDWOODS found

  1. About 2,000-YEAR OLD REDWOODS found:
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Redwood Forest, California

The research marks that about 2,200 years old, living coasts redwood are found and may be even older.

  1. Their only habitant HERE:

The growth of the coast redwoods is seen only one place on Earth, i.e. right on the Pacific coast, i.e. from the Big Sur to southern Oregon.

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Redwood Forest, California

Although, the earlier records of history mark its existence of a greater range that included both the western North America and both the coasts of Asia and Europe.

  1. Dates to the time of DINOSAURS:

Redwood Forest, California is quite old and the first one may be dated to the time of dinosaurs before birds and flowers appeared on earth. Redwood is known to exist for about 240 million years and for 20 million years in California.LATIN OR ENGLISH redwoods

  1. LATIN OR ENGLISH redwoods:

The somewhat similar local redwood tree is known with an official name, Sequoia sempervirens, i.e. in Latin. This is why the NGO’s tend to protect this and expand the care for the redwood forests under the title of “Sempervirens Fund.”redwood forest (3)

  1. Climatic CHANGE controllers:

The trees in Redwood Forest are known for their role in maintaining a human-friendly climate. In this instance the coast redwoods are known to absorb a greater percentage of carbon dioxide, given out in a form of pollution. As the weather takes a change the redwood forests, existing in the Santa Cruz Mountains are known for providing refuge to animals and plants, allowing their survival.Redwood Forest animals

  1. Allows the WILD life to thrive:

The creatures that are wild, yet endangered creatures like Coho salmon, marbled Murrelet and mountain lions quite rely on the local redwood forests. They require an area lie this i.e. both large and well-connected to habitat.redwood forest (4)

  1. Robust SURVIVORS:

The redwoods trees live up a long life so long that they are pretty strong and way too resistant against fire, insects, and rot. To state facts, the redwood bark is as thick as one foot and sufficiently stuffed with tannin allowing good protection from insects, microbial diseases and even fire.

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