Rockaway Beach, Queens

Rockaway Beach, Queens

There is no possibility of denying the importance of Rockaway Beach as it attracts over a million of visitors each year for enjoying with long and clean lonely beaches, stretches of sand, for families and surfers. It is considered to be the largest public shore in America. It is Located in Queens, Rockaway Beach & Boardwalk offers shore-goers 170 acres of ocean-front sun and sand. The beachfront starts from Beach 9 to Beach 149 with a wide range of facilities for visitors, including spray showers, water fountains, playgrounds, and restrooms.

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Access to all New York City beaches is free, no restriction for any one. It is an important thing to note which we believed you will not find anywhere else that is Swimming is only permitted when a lifeguard is on sense of duty, from Memorial Day Weekend through Labor Day right from 10 a.m. – 6 p.m. There is no doubt the place is somewhat cleaner in the vicinity of New York area, and there you will find a fastidious optional area where women can enjoy being topless or cloth less. These facilities are somewhat limited, but there are attended bathrooms and some vending available.

Jones coast is considered to be one of the most famous places in New York, it has six-miles of the ocean shore and a Boardwalk. Just about all the facilities you’d want are available, together with lockers, chairs, a swimming pool, as well as mini-golf, and more. The Jones shore amphitheater hosts concert throughout the summer. Spray Showers you will also find there available on the Boardwalk at 116 Beach Street, 102 Beach Street, Beach 59th Street Playground and seashore 17 Playground. 150,000 people go there each weekend in the sunny season. There aren’t a ton of beach bars, but try Connolly’s in the summer or Play land Motel all year-long.

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Rockaway Beach is also the only good surfing in NYC which is a huge plus! Rockaway Beach is New York City’s only surfing coast, with two extreme points stretches for surfing between 67-69 Streets and between 87-92 Streets. The coast was devastated by Hurricane Sandy in late 2012. The reconstruction of Rockaway Beach was taken by the Army Corps of Engineers on a contract of 10 million dollar. Mechanical problems were putting hindrance U.S. Army Corps of Engineers contractors from pumping sand between lakeside 96th Street and coast 80th St. A new dredging machines are being ordered  in an effort to resume work by the end of May.

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