Sagrada Familia A Catholic Church In Barcelona, Spain

Sagrada Familia A Catholic Church In Barcelona, Spain

Today we will take you on a round of Sagrada Familia sight which we believe it has its own importance in the history; and the one who likely to have more information about the history, we recommend them to pay a visit to this area for enhancing their knowledge or at least go through this article for keeping themselves abreast with the facts.

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In one perspective, Sagrada Familia is Barcelona’s most well-known landmark, but on the other hand it has become a long drawn controversy. The church was planned and designed by a genius architect and artist Antoni Gaudí; it is believed who had spent a large amount of his life working on the building and its design. Controversy has been stimulated from some submission that after Gaudi’s death the edifice is no longer being built to his original designs. Nevertheless the church, predestined as a basilica in 2010 by Pope Benedict XVI, has some remarkable architecture.

There is no doubt the basilica is still somewhat on a construction site there are some permanent exhibitions in place commemorating Gaudi. There is a methodical recreation of Gaudi’s workshop right from including some computer-generated displays of his works. This is also complimented by a recreation of a classroom that Gaudi would have been cultured in to give a feel for the type of geometry studies that led to his neo-gothic designs.

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Sagrada Familia (6)While coming to this place through Spanish City, you will see a series of works designed by the famous modernist architect, Antoni Gaudi. On the verge of death he left, what is believed to be his greatest work of his profession, incomplete; the Basilica. It is believed to be the frequently visited memorial in all of Spain. : The correct title of the Church is believed to be the Temple La.  This temple refers to the fact that it was built entirely by donations.

It is in record that the Project of construction of the church had started some time back in the year 1883 under the supervision and direction of architect Francisco de Paula del Villar y Lozano s not started by Gaudi, their vision was for a neo- Gothic church, but later onGauditook over the all project and changed the theme direction of design completely.

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