Science Center Singapore

Science Center Singapore A Scientific Institution In Jurong East

This informative place serves as a source of knowledge and experimentation for the big amount of educational material within Singapore. Its previous name was Singapore science center. This place is the perfect place to get inspiration for youth who is supposed to be progressive in the field of science. Science center Singapore is based on 14 galleries situated in Jurong East Singapore. Demonstrations have been scheduled on daily basis, like show based on fire tornado and a gaze on outer skies for the tour of starts world. The Science Centre also boasts two other key attractions. The Omni-Theatre is the Singapore’s only IMAX dome theatre, which structures a 5-storey tall dome screen. Watch saber-toothed and woolly mammoths come to live on the massive screen, or go eye to eye with a dancing bear.

Science Center Singapore

History Of Science Center Singapore

This center was separated from the National Museum Singapore to provide a focused view of the science as an institute. Raymond Woo was commissioned as an architect for developing the architecture of the building. SCS was officially opened on 10 December 1977 by Dr. Toh Chin Chye, the Minister-in charge of the Science Centre Board. It was built on the area of 650,000 sq. ft. It was expanded in 1987 by opening OMNIMAX Theater.

Science Center Singapore
Characteristics of the Science Center Singapore

Unique Position (location)
Its unique position allows patterns in both the northern and southern celestial hemispheres to be observed and thus opens up more vistas in the sky for observers. The viewpoint is endowed with a range of cultured services and it also provides classroom for astronomy lessons, slide shows and public talks.

The 18ft high telescope made of stainless steel dome can be rotate in any direction and its shutter can be made to slide open for the telescope to be focused on to captivating substances in the skies.

Space science sessions
The Building has been opened to the public for astrophysics sessions every Friday night. It is opened from 7:50 am to 10:00pm in the evening. The laboratory can comfortably provide 50 visitors per session the opportunity to get familiar with the place. It is important to note that stargazing through the observatory telescope is only possible when the sky is clear. However, regardless of weather conditions, the staff will be present.

On 4 April 2008, the Urban Redevelopment Authority announced plans to relocate the Singapore Science Centre next to Chinese Garden MRT Station in10 to 15 years. It has no doubt about it that, all the instruments in this center are top notch quality.

The Singapore science center is an amazing place for those who want inspiration from science. There are varieties of recreational stuffs for learning process. If you are graduating in science then must plan to go there because you could learn lots of things under one shed.


Science Center SingaporeScience Center Singapore logo

Science Center SingaporeScience Center Singapore entrance


Science Center Singapore

Science Center Singapore

Science Center Singapore

Science Center SingaporeScience Center Singapore – The Mind’s Eye Exhibition

Science Center Singapore

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