SeaWorld Orlando A Theme Park In Florida

SeaWorld Orlando A Theme Park In Florida

Entertainment, fun is the basic necessity f life. Today we are going to highlight the most famous and beautiful park of the world and its name is SeaWorld Orlando. This is a theme park; the focus of this park is based on marine and zoological things. This amazing and nearest to nature park is located in Orlando, Florida. The developer of this theme park is SeaWorld Orlando entertainment industry. This is a perfect entertainment complex and one of the best places for tourist of Florida, there is a park, restaurants, all kind of entertainment and fun.

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You must be shocked when you hear the number of estimated visitors in 2010, it was recorded 5.1 million people visited this theme park and lead this park to the 9th most visited amusement park in United States. Now the time has change and in 2014 h visitors became double because amusement park is the only kind of real entertainment for children’s as well as for youngsters.

SeaWorld Orlando under water slideSeaWorld Orlando underwater slide

SeaWorld Orlando (7) one of the biggest amusement park in the world

In this paragraph, we are going to highlight the centre of attraction of this park. So, while listing these we are going to start from rides.SeaWorld Orlando has a floorless roller coaster and its name is ‘Kraken’ this is one of the most famous rides in Whole Park, this rides was constructed in the year of 2000.

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Another amazing ride was launched in 2009 and its name is ‘Manta’, the attraction of this ride is that it is a flying roller coaster and passes between the marine and aquatic life.The most favorite place for children’s are Antarctica: Empire of penguin in which there is a trackless dark ride n which live Penguin attracts your attention. There are several other ride like shamu express, sky tower, Jazzy jellies, Paddle boats, net climb, sea carousel, swishy fishes and lot more which attract people toward it.

If you are located in United States then you have a golden chance to reveal the beauty of this amazing amusement park but if you are not belong to United states but going to visit soon then you should mark this park in you ‘To Do’ list because it is really amazing.

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