A Visit to Socotra Island

A Visit to Socotra Island

Socotra Island, a very less known name of the world’s most beautiful place on earth. Fewer number of people knows about the place and among them some are naturalists and researchers. It has a very interesting historic background and due to its association with yamen, it has a very rich Arabic culture. But Socotra Island has very slow development that’s might be the reason that most of the people are unknown to the place, still now.

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Socotra Island – The place to visit:

  • Location of Socotra Island:

Socotra Island is the jewel of Yemen. It is located on Arabian Sea of Yemen 380 km to RasFartak. It is one of the four biggest islands of world. It is surrounded by beautiful mountain plateau with lush green valleys that gives soothing feels to tourists. It enjoys a hot weather which is now attracting many industrialist of the world. It is the hub of zoological and botanical treasures which attract researcher from round the globe.

  • People of Socotra:

The people of Socotra Island are very cheerful and their hospitality for tourists is mind blowing. They respect people coming from far flung areas of the world to their island. They speak very different Arabic from the modern Arabic. They have preserved their cultural heritage and love their historical rituals.

There are 50,000 socotrian inhabitants who are living a self-sufficient life on the island. Despite of very hot weather and less resources, they are happy with their living conditions.Socotra Island (2)

  • Why to visit Socotra Island?

Socotra is very natural and pure place which is not spoiled by the development of modern world. It’s natural habitat and archipelago make it attractive and worth visiting. People of Socotra always welcome tourists and guide through the most beautiful and worth visiting places of Socotra.

The tourism development of yamen is working on the projects to make Socotra easily accessible and visiting place for tourists. There are many projects that are going on to preserve the natural purity of Socotra Island. It is the place of calmness, beauty and pollution free environment that is attracting those who know about the place.Socotra Island (3)Socotra Island trees

  • Development in Socotra:

There are many future plans for the development of Socotra Island for industrialists as well as for tourists. Right now, the president of yamen have passed many bills for the educational, infrastructure and tourism development in Socotra. That is the reason the socotrians are looking ahead for a developed and more successful life on the incredibly beautiful; island of the globe.
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