Statue of Liberty – USA

Statue of Liberty – USA

Today we are going to write about the most popular monument in the world known as the “Statue of Liberty”. This fantastic sculpture is categorized under neoclassical art. It is located on the New York Harbor also known as Liberty Island. Back in the year 1886 on 28th of October, a designer named “Frederic” who was a French designer who has designed this beautiful huge piece of an art.Actually, the France is the country that has built this monument & gifted it to the United States of America. The basic theme behind it is to represent the Roman Goddess of autonomy.  When United States came into being, the Statue of Liberty was the sign of freedom of the state for those who came to settle in the country.  In short, this is the welcoming signal for foreign people.

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Basic History

There was a person named as, “Bartholdi”, he suggested that there should be some sign that should represent the freedom and he asked Frederic the designer to design something very unique. The  sculptural was the gift for the victory of American Civil War. At the same time, the political condition of the country was also not good and the construction of the sculpture was paused till the year 1870. After the gap of 5 years, the government officials financed the artist to complete this great monument. In the first phase of the construction, the torch and the hand was initially designed and ready to put for exhibition so that visitors may see it. Centennial exhibition was the place where it was first revealed to the public. As per officials report, there were almost 120 thousand contributors who were dedicated to complete this statue.

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The origin of this icon was from France and the assembly point was in the United States at the Liberty Island. When the statue of liberty was properly placed, the governmental arranged a parade and administrative honoured the Statue of Liberty. Till 1933, the maintenance of the statue was under the authority of the national park services. Later on for several reasons of maintenance that was closed to visitors from 1938 to 1980’s. During the 9-11 attack that took place in USA, the statue was a little bit damaged and again the government closed it for the replacement of the torch. It is one of the most amazing places to visit in USA.

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