Sydney Opera House Arts Centre In Sydney

Sydney Opera House Arts Centre In Sydney

The Sydney Opera House does not need any kind of introduction, every single person aware about the specialty of the opera house. This Sydney opera house is a venue for multipurpose things like arts, music, theater and many others. It is located on Bennelong Point at Sydney Harbor located in Australia. This amazing opera house was designed by a Danish architect whose name was John Utzon. The opening ceremony of this opera house was held on October 20th in the year of 1973. The design of the opera house is really unique and the architect won the title of the best designer in International design competition.

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Due to its multipurpose venue designs, this opera house is included among the world busiest venues. According to previous records, it has been estimated that over 1.2 million people appeared in more than 1500 performances each year. This opera house is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Australia, due to its popularity government of Australia decided to portray its picture as the trademark of Australia. The number of audiences recorded in the opera house each year is more than 7 million.

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Sydney Opera House (1)It is considered among the 20th century a unique building and one of the most famous and busiest performing arts center in the whole world. There is a trust in this name which manages the facilities provided in that house efficiently. In the year of 2007 UNESCO decided to declare this center as World heritage Site on 28th of June.

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Sydney Opera House (7)There are several kind of shows organized like dramas, music, comedy shows and lot more which attract the people toward it. In the facilities of Opera house, it has its own studio, a playhouse, cafes, restaurants, bars and retails outlet.  Tour operators also available for those who do not know much about the opera house, hence it is clearly seen that the popularity of the place is increasing day by day. People who lives in Australia or travel for visiting purpose must go Opera house once in their life. If you have not visited yet, then you should plan with your companion to make your night memorable.

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