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Denver, Capital Of The U.S. State Of Colorado

As we all know there are many beautiful cities on this earth, today we are going to highlight one of the most beautiful and green city and its name is Denver located in Colorado. It is second most populated state in Colorado after El Paso. Denver is famous for its prime location because it is located on the South Platte River valley and on the western edge it has high plains. One thing which must be new for our readers is the nick name of the city, people called it ‘Mile High city’ too because its elevation is exactly one mile or 5280 feet from mean sea level. Due to its high elevation, it is included among the highest cities in United States. According to the census of 2012 the population of It is about 634,265 due to which it ranked 23rd among the highly populated countries in United States. According to different statistical data showing it is most populous megalopolis of the Front Range urban corridor. Continue reading