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Eiffel Tower An Iron Lattice Tower In Paris

Today we are going to highlight Eiffel Tower. This is a huge mankind structure and now it is highly recognizes for its beauty. This is an iron lattice structure and located in Guinness world record book as a 7 wonder of world. This huge and amazing structure is located in Paris. There are very few people who know the story behind its name Eiffel, actually the government of Paris wants to give tribute to an engineer who designed this structure and the name of engineer was Gustave Eiffel. In the start of erection many engineers and people objected its design but Eiffel was very much confident on his designed and he confidently erected his designed. This structure also owns the title of longest structure in Paris and most favorite place in Paris for tourist. The revenue generated from this place via tourism is approximately 6.98 million dollars in 2011. Continue reading