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Some Facts about Masada, Israel

Masada is an alluring rampart in the southern district of Israel, situated on top of a remote plateau in the west of the Judean desert. The cliffs that are found on the side of Masada are discovered to be 400m high whereas cliffs on the west side are near 90m. The fortress is well known for its strong historic stories related to the ancient Roman Empire. The castle was built in a roman style in the form of an ancient roman palace. The king who ruled the place at the time wanted to build a stronghold to be owned by him where every speck of the fortress was to be made in his accord. The famous site was made in 30 BCE by the great Judean king named Herod. The steep sided rhombic top land in the west holds a desert and in the east overlooks the Dead Sea.

Masada (1)Some Facts about Masada Israel:

  • Masada is surrounded by a very harsh climate which results in no urban or rural development. The weather is likely to be hot and very harsh for people or man life to live by.
  • The beautiful place ‘Masada’ was discovered in the 1960’s and it is to be found that the place was not found for around 13 centuries.
  • Many battles took place on the top of the plateau with rocks and blazing arrows. The place keeps a very strong history and ancient background.
  • The remains found there are amazingly great and outstanding. The siege works found here are the most finest to be found in the roman world today.

Masada (2)Masada view

The beautiful fortress have not changed from ages and are remained unconstructed. The Masada is left to be preserved for people and tourist to visit and understand the extremely intellectual work done by the people in the past and the level of the historic events that took place.

The most popular part of the fortress Masada is that it is built on the three rock terrace overlooking the George below. Alongside the palace is a beautiful roman styled bathroom with amazing murals on the walls. Some Italian experts have preserved the beauty of  Masada and murals found on the walls are kept for people to come and visit the place in future.

The Masada fortress also included barracts, store houses and armory. The place was constructed in such a way that when it rained, Masada usually filled by rain water. UNESCO named the place as WORLD HERITAGE PLACE in 2001.

Masada (3)

Masada (4)

Masada (5)Masada aerial view

Masada (6)Masada Israel

Masada (7)Masada Pictures

Masada (8)

Dead Sea A Salt Lake On Border Of Jordan & Israel

The Dead Sea is also known as the Salt Sea. It is nothing but a salt lake touching one end of Jordan to the east and Israel to the other end of the west. Its surface and shores are of 427 meters below sea level. It is believed its shores are the lowest elevation point on land. It is considered to be 306 m deep, the deepest hyper saline lake in the world with 34.2% salinity. Further, it is seemed to be one of the world’s saltiest bodies of water though Lake Vanda in Antarctica. It is 9.6 times as salty as the other ocean.  This salinity makes for a callous environment in which animals cannot prosper; hence its name was termed as salt lake. It is 50 kilometers long and 15 kilometers wide at its widest point. It is believed it lies in between the Jordan Rift Valley, and its chief tributary is the Jordan River. Continue reading