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Best Vacation Spots In The US

When the going gets tough, the tough get going but that is not true for most people as most of us resort and escape inside our imaginations. So if you’re overly stressed, much like the rest of the world, and looking for a vacation, specifically in the US, you’ve come to the right place.

New York (1) New York (2) New York (3)New York is one of the most common choice. The city dominated by tall glass skyscrapers showing just how far humanity has come. Aside from those there is the Statue of Liberty (It’s the American Icon), The Empire state building, The Central Park, Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of Modern Art, American Museum of Natural History and many more. These are just the highlights. Of course there’s a lot waiting for you in the different sections of Manhattan like the Grand Central Terminal, New York Public Library, The Strawberry Field, Battery Park and the Ellis Island. The list is never ending really with The Big Apple.

Las Vegas - best vacation spots in US

Las Vegas1Las Vegas is known for its party life. It’s the only place that has Grand Hotels and Casinos and fine dining as common as the winter cold. With the hotels bringing together the culture, cuisine and experience from all over the world, the night life is vibrant and seductive. It has many elaborate fountain displays as well as amazing and mind blowing architecture. Some of the highlights that you definitely wouldn’t want to miss are the Las Vegas strip (An area with a high concentration of resorts, hotels and casinos.), The Bellagio (European themed resort), The Stratosphere (Hotel and Casino), Fremont Street Experience (Open air mall with loads of entertainment), The Venetian (Grand hotel enriched the Italian culture and experience), MGM Grand (Largest single hotel in the US). You’ll find a huge hotel at every corner.

Southern city in California - best vacation spots in US

best vacation spots in USThe Southern city in California, Los Angeles, is well known for its iconic Hollywood sign and many famous studious like the Universal Studios Hollywood, Paramount pictures and it also has the Venice beach. The highlights of Los Angeles being the Universal Studios Hollywood (Who wouldn’t want to see the place some of the best movies are made.), The Griffith Park, Disneyland (Amusement park), Getty center (Venue for art exhibitions and conventions), Hollywood Walk of Fame (For honoring many excellent entertainment stars), TCL Chinese Theatre (A landmark cinema and also has celebrity footprints)


Grand Canyon National Park 4 Amazing Facts

About Grand Canyon National Park
Situated in Northern Arizona, the Grand Canyon National Park is an instantly recognized icon of both the state and the US, famous for its colourful landscape and sheer size. It spans a length of 270 miles, a width of 18 miles, and a depth of 1 mile, and its walls contain layers of rock which tell volumes about the history of the Earth. It has been a human habitat for thousands of years, and its artefacts and ruins date back nearly 12000 years. The early 1800s saw expeditions and scouting parties sent out by the US government to explore and map the Grand Canyon, and it was made a Forest Reserve in 1893. Later on, in 1919, it became a National Park.

Nankoweap View, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, USA4 Amazing Grand Canyon National Park facts

Scientists still disagree on how exactly it was formed
Geological evidence strongly suggests that the Colorado River sprouted out form the west end of the Grand Canyon National Park some five million years ago, and not before. But beyond this, an intense debate goes on about what the canyon looked like in the millions of years before this event.

The Grand Canyon’s nomenclature
The Paiute Indians called the canyon Kaibab, which translates into ‘mountain turned upside down’ or ‘mountain lying down’. The creamy white Kaibab Limestone constitutes the surface upon which the five million visitors to the park stand while enjoying the Grand Canyon’s vista.

John Wesley Powell, the one-armed war veteran responsible for charting the course of the Colorado River in 1891 and 1892 on a wooden boat, was the first individual to use the name ‘Grand Canyon’ with consistency.

Grand Canyon National Park snakesIt has pink snakes at Grand Canyon National Park

Of the six species of rattlesnake discovered within the confines of the park, there is one which has a unique pink hue which blends with the local rocks. It is the most common rattlesnake in the park, and frequently startles hikers as it suns itself on the sands and rocks, on the lookout for lizards.

It reveals much of the earth’s geological history
The sedimentary rocks that cover the Vishnu schist are an attraction for geologists looking to study the record of Earth’s history. These sediments are relatively unchanged, and ceased accumulation some 230 million years ago, meaning they’re older than dinosaurs. Although no dinosaur bones have been discovered in the park, relatively recent fossils, such as 11,000 year old sloth remains, have been found inside the Grand Canyon’s caves. Several animal tracks and marine fossils also appear in the canyon’s rock layers.

Grand Canyon National Park (2)Best time to visit the Grand Canyon National Park
The ideal time to take a trip to the Grand Canyon are March through May, as well as September through November, when temperatures during the day are cooler and the crowds thinner. Visiting during the summer means you’ll have to suffer hordes of tourists. There are deals available on hotels during winter, but most of the park (which includes all of the North Rim) is closed after the first snows fall.

Grand Canyon National Park (8)Grand Canyon National Park clouds
Grand Canyon National Park (5)
Grand Canyon National Park (1)Grand Canyon National Park landscapes
Grand Canyon National Park (7)Grand Canyon National Park colorful mountains
Grand Canyon National Park (4)Grand Canyon National Park photography

Grand Canyon National ParkGrand Canyon National adventures

Grand Canyon National Park (9)
Grand Canyon National Park (10)

Grand Canyon National Park

Grand Canyon National Park (11)Grand Canyon National Park mountains

Niagara Falls (10)

Niagara Falls The Collective Name For Three Waterfalls

Hardly there will be any literate human being who have not even heard or come across with the word Niagara Falls or have visited the place in spite of living nearby the falls location or the one who does come from United States to Canada using this passage where it is located, or the one who goes out from Canada to United States adopting this passage. It is the collective name for three waterfalls; it is located somewhere near the international border area of Canada between the province of Ontario and the state of New York. They form towards the southern end of the Niagara Gorge, and United states. Continue reading


Stanley Park A Public Park In Vancouver, Canada

Nothing like other large urban parks, Stanley Park does not come from the creation of a landscape architect and other historical building, but rather the evolution of a forest and urban space over many decades. Most of the man made structures we see today were built-in between 1911 and 1937 under the control of then superintendent W.S. Rawlings. Added attractions, such as a polar bear display, aquarium, and mini train, were added in the post-war period. Continue reading


Central Park New York In Manhattan

This is another fascinating area of relaxing, making fun, and enjoyment of life in the Central Park New York. It is located in within the New York City, in the vicinity of Manhattan. It is a national historical landmark that draws in approximately 40 million visitors from all over the world each year. It is stretched out from North 110th Street to South and from West to 5th Ave. Continue reading


Golden Bridge San Francisco, USA

The Golden Bridge San Francisco now comes under among the world’s famous monuments because of its peculiar design, long suspension, and possessing of impossible feats during construction thereof.  People do come from all over the world just to walk its span and peer over its edges as the seething Golden Gate with a view of its iconic landmark. This bridge is considered to be almost 9,000 ft suspension bridge was a major engineering feat of its time. It is in the record before starting the Golden Gate Bridge, the only possible way to get through from San Francisco to Marin County was by ferryboat. To drive the entire way would have taken several hours as the only roads went down through the South Bay and up through the East Bay. The steel structure and construction of the Golden Gate Bridge eschewed in a new era for Bay Area locality, making it much easier to tour north ups the coast from San Francisco. Continue reading


Fifth Avenue – Manhattan New York City, United States

Fifth Avenue is nothing but an amazing place to visit. Before describing it in detail, we like our reader first know what it is, where it is located, and why it is so famous? It is best known as an unrivaled shopping street. Almost any fashionable retailer has a prestigious store located somewhere in the street. However, not all of the place is shopping-centric. Along Central Park, it had become a more inhabited street with a large number of attractive museums. Continue reading


Myrtle Beach A Coastal City In South Carolina – USA

Whenever you happened to be anywhere in the world or any part of the world; there is a possibility of visiting some iconic monuments of world-class level which you might not have ever visited or experienced of being there in the past. This sort of things might also bring some changes in your way of thinking or bring some far-reaching effect in your life; it would more pronounce if the site is inclined toward natural phenomenon. May be the possibility of you’re relying more on God increases as these sort of things you are experiencing around your surrounding does not a human being can even think off, and creating it up to this level of articulation is far-flung from human being’s metal approach. Continue reading