Top 5 Beaches In The World

Top 5 Beaches In The World

When life gets tough most people turn to their imagination and conjure up the most perfect escape; An island without a single human, bright blue and crystal clear water and of course the white sand which goes perfectly with the shades of turquoise that dance around along with the waves.

Seychelles beachSeychelles has many beaches. It is a cluster of around 115 islands and if you ever want to live out your fantasy I would recommend you visit the Anse Lazio. It lies on the Chevalier bay on Praslin’s north coast. The beach is something straight out of the desktop wallpapers packed with 33 hotels and 40 B&B and inns. This place fulfills all your vacation needs.

Maldives beachThe next on the list is country that has around 1190 islands but only 200 of them are actually inhabited so that gives a lot of room to adventure. Yes, I’m talking about Maldives. Imagine the crystal clear waters and the perfect orange sunsets. Its location lies between the Arabian and the Laccadive seas. So you can imagine the isolation of Maldives.

Kauai beach - top beachesWith sunsets are dipped in honey, 50 shades of chocolate dominating the sand of the beaches and the aquamarines shades dancing beautifully in the sky. Kauai is one place you just have to visit. The Po’ipu’s beach is one of the most epic asset that Kauai has as it is famous for all sorts of activities like snorkeling, surfing, swimming as well as just getting that perfect tan on the golden sun kissed sand. Since the beach is literally like no other privacy is a luxury no one can afford. Especially during the peak time for tourism.

Bora Bora - Top 5 Beaches In The WorldBora Bora maybe a small island but it most certainly makes up for its size in terms of the natural beauty that it has. Volcanos that rise up at its center. Surrounded by jungles. And then topping it all off is the magnificent, rich blue water. Bora Bora is a gorgeous place no doubt but it also is very expensive so you can hike the huge mountains or you can explore the quaint town, just be sure to carry your wallet.

Caribbean - top beachesThe only place now left is non-other than the Caribbean. Whether you want to hike away or you’re just looking for some adventure. Whatever your needs might be, rest assured, for they’ll be fulfilled at the Cayman Islands. The seven mile beach is basically one of the best the Caribbean has to offer. The crescent shaped shore where some of the best resorts of the Caribbean are situated are sure to provide luxury and comfort and an experience that you’ll never quite forget.