Koh Phi Phi Thailand Island

Koh Phi Phi Thailand Island

In the long run somehow the other, we managed to avail an opportunity of discussing a topic Koh Phi Phi, which is no doubt, definitely situated somewhere in the eastern part of the world, till to date we were engaged and kept on attributing our efforts in discussing all these sites which had indirectly or directly related to Europe. Whatever the reason may be to this effect, supposedly if it had been so, it does not mean at all the eastern part are free from such sites. Koh Phi Phi is considered to be a small archipelago of six islands in Krabi Province, Southern Thailand. The location conceives a lot of stunning looks and has a variety of sightseeing places to offer for everybody.

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Koh Phi Phi is termed as to be one of the most naturally beautiful and stunning places in the world that is in fact composed of six islands in here. Koh island is a part of the national park situated in Thailand, or you can say that this island is located at a distance of 50 kilometres to Phuket. There you will find a limestone mountain with cliffs, caves and long white sandy beaches. Don and Leh are considered to be the largest and most well-recognized beaches. You will find there two villages on Koh Phi Phi under the administration of the Ao Nang Sub-district, Muang, Krabi Province.

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Before going over there, it is better you should have some idea about the weather of that particular island, it is more or less tropical – there you will find only two seasons: the hot season from early February to April and the rainy season from May to December. Humidity you will find a bit on higher side, temperatures during the year average 25ºC to 32ºC and the yearly rainfall averages 2569 mm. Koh has plenty and very attractive nightlife.

If you have not visited this place yet, then you should plan with your family to enjoy your vacation at that place.

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