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The Reason Why Everyone Love These Top 6 honeymoon Destinations

Imagine that you have spent months planning your big day, you have dealt with a crazy schedule, getting everything assorted, dealing with both your “in-laws and the outlaws”. You have worried about the timelines, the arrangements and obsessed about getting every detail perfect.

So now it’s time for you and your hubby to sit back and relax, play and create an amazing honeymoon tour and make some lifetime memories. But wait, you are again fretting about where to go? Well, worry not we got you cover for this one. Here are the top six honeymoon destinations of this year, which is a must to check out, pick any one destination and you will absolutely love it.


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Mexico is one of the most popular honeymoon destinations in the world. Cancun in Mexico is definitely the place to be for your honeymoon. The place is not only famous for its crystal clear beaches, but is also famous for having historical ruins to explore and couples to get involved in other activities like windsurfing and diving. There is plenty of variety for seeking relaxation in different luxury resorts.


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Mauritius is another popular destination for honeymoon couples and to be honest, it rightfully deserves to be popular. With many luxurious resorts it has to offer and mesmerizing views of the white sandy beaches and the turquoise blue ocean. I wonder who wouldn’t want to visit it for a romantic getaway.

Saint Lucia

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This beautiful island is located to the east of the Caribbean and it has one of the most beautiful sceneries. With lush green tropical forests and clear waters, it is an ideal location for trekking, scuba diving and definitely for spending your honeymoon.


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One of the most popular destinations for honeymoon couples is Thailand; it’s a combination of beauty and South East Asian Culture. Many honeymooners have titled it as a relaxation destination. We recommend Thailand as the most perfect honeymoon destinations in the world, explore the landscapes, visit different temples and sights, shop till you drop, stay at a beach resort.

Bora Bora

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Ever heard of Bora Bora locate in the French Polynesia, it is the land of great ocean views, beautiful sandy beaches and exotic over-water bungalows. I think the picture is already made in your mind, imagine spending your romantic getaway, there with the man of your life. If your idea of a romantic getaway is relaxing and sunbathing in private over-water deck, then consider Bora Bora as the best destination for it.

The Bahamas

honeymoon Destinations

It’s an archipelago of around 700 diverse islands located off coast Florida is the beautiful clear ocean. The Bahamas is a perfect choice for those couples who wish to enjoy the sun, sea, sand and the lush green surroundings. Its relaxing way of life and several island hideaways to discover will make sure that your honeymoon is one of a lifetime experience for you.

Bora Bora Island Travel Guide

Bora Bora, a tiny island in the South Pacific located to the northwest of Tahiti, is a tourist destination known for its sand fringed islets, turquoise lagoon and scuba diving. Often frequented by celebrities look to take a break, it has exquisite bungalows stilted on the water. It also houses a dormant volcano, Mt. Otemanu, at its center. Bora Bora (11)Here are some of the most fun activities you can indulge in, while you’re in Bora Bora:

  • Snorkel in the Coral Gardens

With its clear water and colorful coral gardens, Bora Bora lagoon is an idyllic snorkeling spot. Sign up for an excursion to one of the famous coral gardens. You can find a great spot for snorkeling close to the southern reef of the island – you’ll find the most vivacious coral there.

  • Take a trip around the lagoon

Bora Bora (10)Enjoy a 360 degree viewing of Mt. Otemanu with the vivid blue Bora Bora lagoon at the fore. For budding photographers, this is an excellent opportunity to snap up some really cool photos of the island and its vistas, so make sure your camera is charged and ready.

  • Visit a Motu

Bora Bora (9)Surrounding Bora Bora are small sandy islands aka motus. The white sand, and lush vegetation make them the image of paradise, but since they are privately owned, you’ll have to take an excursion to enjoy their beauty. For instance, the legendary Motu Tapu can be visited by guests at the Hilton Bora Bora.

  • Float above the sharks

You may be taken aback by this unusual pronouncement at first, but the tour providers ensure that you are safe throughout the experience – dive into the Pacific Ocean, and observe hundreds of dolphins, reef sharks (and hopefully, some lemon sharks) in their natural habit. The clear water makes it easy to see really deep into it, and you may even catch sight of some divers swimming from afar!

  • Sample some local cuisine

Poisson Cru is a traditional Tahitian cuisine comprising of raw, marinated fish dipped in lime and coconut milk seasoning. Offered by most Bora Bora restaurants, this exotic dish is a must try, even if you’re not an adventurous foodie.

If you’re looking for the freshest fish on the island, the Bora Bora Yacht club is the place to go – incidentally, there’s also a fina Pina Colada to sample and a dazzling sunset to experience at the spot.

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