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Santa Barbara – County, California Coast, Beach

Santa Barbara is a city that lies in between the steeply high Santa Ynez Mountains and  the Pacific Ocean. It is located on a south-facing coastline of the California, United States, which is considered to be a longest such area on the west Coast of the United States. It could further explain the exact distance it would be aroung145 kilometers of Los Angeles, along with the pacific coast. The stretched coast along with the southern side of Santa Barbara County is sometimes termed as the “American Riviera”. As per officials census, the city had a total area of approx 108.8 square kilometers, out of which 51 square kilometers consisted of land, and the rest are of water. Continue reading

Fiji Island Review

Fiji island is an island country in the Melanesia in the South Pacific Ocean which is spreaded over an area of about 2000 km towards the northeast of New Zealand’s Northern Island. The majority of Fiji’s islands seemed to have been formed through volcanic activities before 150 million years ago. Today, some geothermal activities still continuously occurring on the island of Vanua Levu and Taveuni.  As you find in the history, Fiji has been settled since the second millennium BC. Later on in the 17th and 18th centuries, the Dutch and the British had explored Fiji, which was considered to be a Crown Colony until the year 1970. During World War II, thousands of Fijians had volunteered to aid in Allied efforts because of their attachment to the New Zealand and Australian army units. Continue reading

Phnom Penh – Capital & Largest City, Cambodia

Phnom Penh is termed as the capital and the largest city of Cambodia. It is located somewhere on the banks of the Tonlé Sap and Mekong River. It has always been considered the national capital since French colonization of Cambodia, and we believe it has grown to become the nation’s centre of economic and industrial activities, together with the pivot of security, cultural heritage, politics, and diplomacy of Cambodia. Continue reading

Long Beach (10)

Long Beach A City In Los Angeles County In Southern California

We believe our reader must have confused this term with the word “Long Beach” while talking about the Long Beach itself, they must have taken it as a re-flexed term which points toward the scene of the beach, but its not like that. It is nothing but a big city of California, Los Angeles County that lies the in Southern California. Exactly on the Pacific coast of the United States of America. Long Beach is located at 33° 47′ north, 118° 10′ west and about 32 km south of downtown of Los Angeles. As per United States Census Bureau, the city has a total area of 133.2 square meters; with the assumption 130.3 square kilometers of its area land and 2.96 square kilometers of it consisting of water. Long Beach completely surrounds the city of Signal Hill. Continue reading

Winterthur A City Of Zürich In Northern Switzerland

Winterthur is a city in the canton of Zurich in northern Switzerland. It is considered to have the country’s 6th largest population, roughly estimated at more than 100,000 inhabitants. It is located at a height of 439 meters. The city is located in the basin of south and east of the Toss River. The Eulach, which is a little river that flows through the middle of the city. Because of this river, the town is termed as Eulach City. Zurich is the well-known city that lies about 30 km southwest of the area. Today you will find it is as service and high-tech industry network, but many people make use of its proximity to Zurich, at the distant of approximately 30 kilometers to the south-west, and hardly on 18 minutes by train ride. Continue reading

Amsterdam (10)

Amsterdam Capital City Of Kingdom Of The Netherlands

Amsterdam is a well-known city, and we believe our reader must have at least idea about the place, where it is located and the basic knowledge of the city. Primarily all these information are not sufficient, there is much more to discuss in details. So that when our readers read this article they must have the basic knowledge.

Amsterdam (5)Amsterdam car park by the side of the canal

Amsterdam (10)Amsterdam is located in the western side of Netherlands, exactly situated in somewhere in the province of North Holland. The river Amstel stops in the city center and deviates to a large number of canals that finally makes its stop in the IJ. Important thing is to note that it is situated 2 meters below sea level. The adjacent land is more or less flat because it is formed of large polders. A man-made forest or artificially grown forest, Amsterdamse Bos which is situated at the southwest. It is interlinked to the North Sea through the long North Sea canal.

Amsterdam has a population of 810,084 residents within city limits. On detailed analysis, you will be able to know the ethnic structure of the capital that is 49.5% of Dutch lineage and 50.5% of foreign origin. Sometime back in the 16th and 17th-century non-Dutch immigrants to the city were mostly Flemings, Sephardi Jews, Huguenots, and Westphalians respectively. Huguenots had come down after the Edict of Fontainebleau in 1685 while the Flemish Protestants from increased during the Eighty Years war. The Westphalians had come down to the city mostly for economic reasons their arrival remained continued till the 18th and 19th centuries. Before the Second World War, 10% of the city population was Jewish.

Amsterdam (9)Amsterdam buildings

Amsterdam (4)Amsterdam is considered to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in Europe. The city receives more than 4.63 million international visitors yearly, excluding the 16 million-day trippers visits the city per year. The number of visitors has been increasing steadily over the past two decade. This can be attributed to an increasing number of European visitors.

De Wallen is well familiarized designated area for legalized prostitution and is Amsterdam’s largest and most well-known red-light area. This neighborhood has become very famous attraction for tourists. It may consist of a network of roads and alleys containing several hundred small, one-room lodging rented by sex workers who offer their services from behind a window or transparent door, in general, illuminated with red lights.

Netherlands capital cityAmsterdam at night

Amsterdam (8)Amsterdam facts

Amsterdam (7)Amsterdam canal boats

Amsterdam (2)Amsterdam night lights

Amsterdam (6)Amsterdam beautiful view

Amsterdam (1)Amsterdam Aerial view

Amsterdam (11)Amsterdam Pictures

Amsterdam (12)

Egyptian Museum (1)

Egyptian Museum – Egypt

Before discussing further in detail about Egyptian Museum, we would like to give our reader some description first for keeping them well-informed what it is, where it is located and what purpose it was built for and when? The Egyptian Museum was first built in the Boulak. Sometime back in 1891, we believe it was moved to Giza Palace of Ismail Pasha house where the antiquities were kept those were later moved to the present building. It is located at Tahrir square in Cairo. Continue reading

London Hotels (5)

London Hotels An Overview

Today’s topic is more important and amazing especially for those who kept on moving and visiting all around the world for business and for pleasure. Here we will try to summarize about the London Hotels. Most of the world’s major hotel brands have a presence in London, like Hilton, Mandarin Oriental, Radisson, and Intercontinental hotel are at the top end of the market, through Millennium Copthorne, to Holiday Inn in the cheaper bracket. Continue reading

Crater Lake (9)

Crater Lake A Caldera Lake In The Western Of United States

Today we are going to reveal one of the most amazing places in this world named as the Crater Lake. It is also known Caldera Lake located in the western part of United States. It is the centre of attraction in National Park and very well-known for its pure blue colour. An analyst says that, it is almost 150 years old formed by the collapse of Mazama volcano. As per survey result, it is the deepest among all and its estimated depth is around 592 meters. Not only in USA, it is ranked at 9th position in the whole world as deepest lake. ‘Old Man of the Lake’ is another name of this beautiful place.

Continue reading