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The Top 10 Tourist Spots In London copy

Top 10 tourist spots in London

London is one of the most known and beautiful cities of the world. It is the capital of the United Kingdom. The city has a strong and rich background in every aspect and is leading globally in good terms. London is at its best in art, music, education, fashion entertainment and what not. This very city found by the Romans is labelled as the most-visited city by tourists. Having its self-packed with so many amazing places, London proves to be the best place to visit by when planning about your vacations. If you are scheming to go to a place interesting enough then London is going to be worth your while.

There are various beautiful and exciting places to have a look in the city but some of them are just too exceptional and are worth mentioning, so here is the list of those top ten amazing spots every tourist should visit on their tour to London.big ben

  1. Big Ben Parliament:

The 97-meters tall tower of London containing a huge clock within is way too amazing to have a visit. BBC one of the world’s most famous news channels receives its time signal from this brilliant landmark of London known as ‘big ben’.British Museum

  1. The British Museum:

The museum is one of the biggest historic treasures of London and plays a great role in keeping the city’s historic nature alive. Tourists visiting London always keep this amazing spot on their priority list. The ancient buildings have managed to preserve the globes best masterpieces, people simply love to take a look on the sight.Westminster Abbey

  1. WestMinister Abbey:

The confessor, Edward discovered this historic place which is associated with London’s Christian culture since the 7th century. The alluring site offers amazing things to learn about London’s history.

Hyde ParkHyde Park – Top 10 tourist spots in London

  1. Hyde Park:

Hyde Park is a heavenly irresistible location, occupying about 350 acres and offers a jaw-dropping view for sightseers attending the site. The garden-like territory is a manmade lake where swimming and boating takes place.London Eye

  1. The London Eye:

The London eye is a mega spinning wheel constructed above the Thames. The observation wheel offers a tremendous Ariel view for people tending to sight London from a height. The ride consumes 30 minutes in total so you better book your tickets in the first place.The Victoria And Albert Museum

  1. The Victoria And Albert Museum :

The Victoria and Albert museum is a collection of museums displaying work of nature and science. The museum have managed to expose some of the   brilliant work of the past 5000 years. People having a connection with science and history would be pleased to attend this location.Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square

  1. Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square:

This place is known to be one of the best places of London to visit. Saying this architecture as the hub of London’s entertainment would not be wrong.it is actually a theater which is busy most of the time. People who love to watch plays should definitely visit this amazing structure of art.St Paul's Cathedral

  1. St Paul’s Cathedral:

This church is listed between the world’s famous churches and is also amongst the most-visited places in London. The church was latterly destroyed due to an incident but was re-constructed by Sir Christopher wren in 1666.Covent Garden

  1. Covent Garden:

 This place should be visited by people who love to purchase lovely handicrafts. The Covent Garden consists of small shops and restaurants where people sell beautiful handicrafts and amazing food to eat.

Kew GardensKew Gardens – Top 10 tourist spots in London

  1. Kew Gardens:

Formed in 1759, this beautiful place known as ‘the royal botanic garden’ grows a number of plants belonging to different cultures. The royal garden is situated on the south bank of Thames and it’s an enchanting place to have a walk by.



Ten Artifacts That Make Visiting The British Museum An Absolute Must For History Buffs

British Museum by travelinnate.com.

Housing one of the largest and most diverse permanent collections among all museums of the world, it isn’t hard to see why the British Museum is such a popular tourist attraction in London. From the Elgin Marbles, fabled in controversy, to the Rosetta Stone’s legend, the ghoulish Egyptian mummies to the Lewis Chessman, the British Museum has so many highlights that you won’t be able to see all of them in just one visit at the British Museum!

British MuseumTen artifacts that make visiting the British museum an absolute must for history buffsJaguar-shaped poporo

1. Jaguar-shaped poporo

This golden jaguar-shaped poporo (i.e. a lime container), which has been featured in the temporary exhibit Beyond El Dorado: Power and Gold in Ancient Columbia, is a demonstration of the extraordinary technical prowess of ancient Colombian artisans as they crafted precious metals into beautiful artifacts through hammering and casting techniques.The Vindolanda tablets

2. The Vindolanda tablets

These tablets were excavated from northern England in 1974, at the site of an old Roman military outpost. These unique fragments were preserved by waterlogging at rubbish deposits, and are the most ancient surviving handwritten relics in all of Great Britain.Mummy of Hornedjitef

3. Mummy of Hornedjitef

This one of the many Egyptian mummies in the British Museum’s permanent collection. Hornedjitef was a prominent priest in Amun’s Temple at Karnak during Ptolemy III’s reign (246 to 222 BC).

4. Black-figured amphora depicting Achilles and Penthesilea

This ancient amphora (i.e. wine jar) has been dated back to 540 to 530 BC, and is believed to have been crafted by the noted ancient Greek potter and vase-painter Exekias.

5. Sir Percival David Collection of Chinese ceramics

This exotic collection of Chinese ceramics, loaned on a long-term basis from the Percival David Foundation, has its very own gallery at the British Museum. Its priceless treasures include the David Vases and Ming Dynasty bowls, which are two of the most famous Chinese porcelain vessels in the world at the British Museum.Rock crystal skull

6. Rock crystal skull

Originally believed to be an object from ancient Mexican times, this rock crystal skull was bought by the museum from Tiffany and Co. British Museum has been examined several times ever since, and was eventually found by experts to be a fake that was made only recently.

7. The Becket Casket

After he was murdered in 1170 at the Canterbury Cathedral, Archbishop Thomas à Becket was declared a saint and his remains were spread between some 40 similar caskets all across Europe.

8. Apotropaic wand

This wand is from ancient Egypt (around 1750 BC), and was used to protect against threats and evil spirits during childbirth and early infancy. The artifact is made out of hippopotamus ivory, and is covered by multiple protective symbols believed to safeguard the health of the mother and the child.

9. Discus-thrower

This Roman statue is actually a copy of the original bronze one which was sculpted in the 5th century by Myron, the Athenian sculptor.

10. Bronze figure of a seated cat

This bronze feline artifact represents the goddess Bastet and is an illustration of the high regard given to the domestic cat in ancient Egypt.British Museum

British MuseumBritish Museum front view

British MuseumBritish Museum lobby

British MuseumBritish Museum pictures

British Museum

British MuseumBritish Museum inside

British Museum

British MuseumBritish Museum visitors

British MuseumBritish Museum at night

British Museum

British Museum (13)

British Museum (12)


Trafalgar Square A Tourist Attraction In London

There is no possibility of denying the importance of Trafalgar Square. It is a public space and considered to be a tourist attraction in central London, constructed around the area formerly known as Charing Cross. It is situated somewhat in the borough of the City of Westminster. At the centre of the place, there is a column known as Nelson’s Column, which is guarded by four lion statuette at its base. There are a number of commemorative statues and sculptures in the square while one plinth, remained empty since it was built-in 1840, The last Plinth, has been host to contemporary art since 1999. This place or square has also been used for political demonstrations, agitation, and society gatherings, such as the festivity of New Year’s Eve. Continue reading


London City Airport A Famous Airport In London

In the present day scenario hardly there will be anyone who does not have any sense about the Airport. London city Airport is the one which is located somewhere in the vicinity of London. There are three modes of transportation presently prevailing in the modern culture the one is by road, the other one is by sea and the third one is by air. The last one is designated or takes off into the air from a place that is known as airport. Continue reading


Buckingham Palace The London Residence

We believe, our reader must be aware of with the word Buckingham Palace. Today we will try to take you around of palace with a view to making well-informed with the facts. It is nothing but an official London residence and principal workplace of the monarchy of the whole United Kingdom. Buckingham Palace is located somewhere in the city of Westminster. It is believed this Palace was constructed and opened some time back in the year 1703; it has five floors, 775 rooms. These include 19 staterooms, 52 Royal and guest bedrooms, altogether 188 bedrooms for staff, out of which 99 bedrooms are allocated to an officer and 78 bathrooms. Continue reading

London Hotels (5)

London Hotels An Overview

Today’s topic is more important and amazing especially for those who kept on moving and visiting all around the world for business and for pleasure. Here we will try to summarize about the London Hotels. Most of the world’s major hotel brands have a presence in London, like Hilton, Mandarin Oriental, Radisson, and Intercontinental hotel are at the top end of the market, through Millennium Copthorne, to Holiday Inn in the cheaper bracket. Continue reading