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Beaver Island

Things To Do In Beaver Island

Beaver Island, one of the secluded islands situated in the Northern Lake Michigan attracts many tourists around the year and is largely inhabited by people of Irish descent. The life here becomes steady with its serene and calm surrounding inviting people to discover a lot more. It is a hub of natural beauty and cultural riches. A tour of the island on a bicycle or reaching out via ferry is your ticket to nonstop fun, especially at the afternoon time.

THINGS TO DO IN BEAVER ISLAND:Golf Course, Beaver Island

  1. Golf Course, Beaver Island:

Beaver Island has bout thirty five golf course and is available with cart rental facility to reach out here.Happy Paddle

  1. Happy Paddle:

This is a ticket to year-around gateway to the Beaver Island. It allows one to rent anything ranging from Paddle, boards and bicycle in the summer season to fat tire bicycles, snow shoes and X-country skies in the winter season.  For all season, including spring, winter and fall, it opens up to adventure offering Kayaking & Camping Trips that starts from hours to even a complete day. Something not to be missed out.Archipelago Charter

  1. Archipelago Charter:

One may have the fun of exploring the Beaver Island along with the Captain Michael Collins, i.e. a U.S former Coast Guard Skipper and a thirty year Island resident, and former US Coast Guard Skipper. Fulfilled trips, driving, sunset cruises, transportation to the exterior of the islands for the hikers and campers, snorkeling are some of the activities to carry out at this time.The Beaver Island Mad Camp

  1. The Beaver Island Mad Camp:

The MAD Camp i.e. a hub of Music, Art and Drama Camp is an entertaining option for kids ranging from an age of 7 through 17 is an arts program. The MAD camp engages the kids mind and heart, allowing a variety of fun experiences building a sense of fun packed, learning and skillful activities.

Through this camp, held at the Beaver Island School for around 7-8 hours allows a good time expenditure at the Island for kids.Cycle Life Events beaver island

  1. Cycle Life Events:

This unmatched cycle event allows one to stroll through the island and unveil its beauty and entertaining activities including live music, and cool shirts. One may enjoy a good dinner and B-B-Q buffet by registering on the deck at the Shamrock that comes with amazing and yummiest food in concoction with live music. The dinner is followed by the singing and dancing program proving a fun spot at the Island.

Beaver IslandBeaver Island aerial view Beaver IslandBeaver Island boats

Beaver IslandBeaver Island Pictures

Beaver IslandBeaver Island map Beaver Island

Bandar Seri Begawan (3)

Bandar Seri Begawan Attractions, Things to do, Pictures

Bandar Seri Begawan formerly the Brunei town with estimated population of about 50,000 is one of the largest city as well as the capital of Brunei. Its area is about 100.36 square kilometers and covers almost whole Brunei-Muara district (one of the most populous district). The most attractive place that reveals the hearts of viewers with the friendly hot and wet weather (featured rainforest climate). And not only this, it is also filled with beautiful and historic mosques, sites and palaces.

Bandar Seri Begawan – The place to look for:

The 50 to 70 meters high buildings standing with their glorious architecture can hold your eyes and can fill your hearts with the soothing unforgettable effect. These attractive buildings increases the beauty of the Brunei town. Brunei International Airport, Brunei museum, Bubungan Dua Belas, Royal Regalia Building, Otama Bowling Centre are some of the beautiful buildings in Brunei.Istana Nurul Iman

  • Istana Nurul Iman:

Istana Nurul Iman, stated the largest residential palace by Guinness world records, shining like gold near the river that gives that much pleasant effect to the viewers especially at night when the palace start glowing like a moon in the dark.Bandar Seri Begawan mosques

  • Beautiful Mosques:

Sultan Omar Ali Saiffuddin mosque is one of the world’s most beautifully designed golden dome mosque having tunnels. It has the most attractive Interior of Italian Marble walls and contains elevator and proper carpeting. Another beautiful mosque named as Jame’Asr Hassanil Bolkiah mosque, also known as Kiarong Mosque is the largest mosque in Brunei and was built to commemorate the 25th anniversary of Sultan’s reign. Other noticeable mosques includes Al-Ameerah Al-Hajjah Maryam (Green Mosque), Ash Shaliheen (Architecture inspired by Al Masjid-An-Nabawi, Saudi Arabia and cathedral of Cordoba, Spain).Bandar Seri Begawan historical sites

  • Other Historical Sites:

Other historical sites includes Malay Technology Museum located at Kota Batu having 3 exhibition halls, Brunei History Centre having flowchart at the entrance giving entire lineage of Brunei Sultans, Brunei Stamp Gallery, Bubungan Duabelas (House Of Twelve Roofs) is a gallery that exhibit long relationship between Brunei and U.K. Royal Ceremonial Hall also called LAPAU, Makam Di- Raja (Royal Mausoleum), Dang Ayang Mausoleum, Royal Wharf, and The Art And Handicraft Center.

It would be very unfortunate for someone to miss the chance of visiting such a great place. The beauty of Bandar Seri Begawan lies in its graceful and attractive architecture that enhances the gloat of the viewers and produces long lasting effect inside the people. No one can move away without extolling each and every place in Bandar Seri Begawan.

Bandar Seri Begawan (6)Bandar Seri Begawan HD photo

Bandar Seri Begawan (5)

Bandar Seri Begawan (4)Bandar Seri Begawan City

Bandar Seri Begawan (3)

Bandar Seri Begawan (2)Bandar Seri Begawan Aerial view

Bandar Seri Begawan (1)

The Top 10 Tourist Spots In London copy

Top 10 tourist spots in London

London is one of the most known and beautiful cities of the world. It is the capital of the United Kingdom. The city has a strong and rich background in every aspect and is leading globally in good terms. London is at its best in art, music, education, fashion entertainment and what not. This very city found by the Romans is labelled as the most-visited city by tourists. Having its self-packed with so many amazing places, London proves to be the best place to visit by when planning about your vacations. If you are scheming to go to a place interesting enough then London is going to be worth your while.

There are various beautiful and exciting places to have a look in the city but some of them are just too exceptional and are worth mentioning, so here is the list of those top ten amazing spots every tourist should visit on their tour to London.big ben

  1. Big Ben Parliament:

The 97-meters tall tower of London containing a huge clock within is way too amazing to have a visit. BBC one of the world’s most famous news channels receives its time signal from this brilliant landmark of London known as ‘big ben’.British Museum

  1. The British Museum:

The museum is one of the biggest historic treasures of London and plays a great role in keeping the city’s historic nature alive. Tourists visiting London always keep this amazing spot on their priority list. The ancient buildings have managed to preserve the globes best masterpieces, people simply love to take a look on the sight.Westminster Abbey

  1. WestMinister Abbey:

The confessor, Edward discovered this historic place which is associated with London’s Christian culture since the 7th century. The alluring site offers amazing things to learn about London’s history.

Hyde ParkHyde Park – Top 10 tourist spots in London

  1. Hyde Park:

Hyde Park is a heavenly irresistible location, occupying about 350 acres and offers a jaw-dropping view for sightseers attending the site. The garden-like territory is a manmade lake where swimming and boating takes place.London Eye

  1. The London Eye:

The London eye is a mega spinning wheel constructed above the Thames. The observation wheel offers a tremendous Ariel view for people tending to sight London from a height. The ride consumes 30 minutes in total so you better book your tickets in the first place.The Victoria And Albert Museum

  1. The Victoria And Albert Museum :

The Victoria and Albert museum is a collection of museums displaying work of nature and science. The museum have managed to expose some of the   brilliant work of the past 5000 years. People having a connection with science and history would be pleased to attend this location.Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square

  1. Piccadilly Circus and Trafalgar Square:

This place is known to be one of the best places of London to visit. Saying this architecture as the hub of London’s entertainment would not be is actually a theater which is busy most of the time. People who love to watch plays should definitely visit this amazing structure of art.St Paul's Cathedral

  1. St Paul’s Cathedral:

This church is listed between the world’s famous churches and is also amongst the most-visited places in London. The church was latterly destroyed due to an incident but was re-constructed by Sir Christopher wren in 1666.Covent Garden

  1. Covent Garden:

 This place should be visited by people who love to purchase lovely handicrafts. The Covent Garden consists of small shops and restaurants where people sell beautiful handicrafts and amazing food to eat.

Kew GardensKew Gardens – Top 10 tourist spots in London

  1. Kew Gardens:

Formed in 1759, this beautiful place known as ‘the royal botanic garden’ grows a number of plants belonging to different cultures. The royal garden is situated on the south bank of Thames and it’s an enchanting place to have a walk by.


redwood forest (2)

Top 8 Facts about Redwood Forest, California


  1. Hug to TALLEST TREES:

The local coast of the redwood forest tree grows up to 300 feet and even more, as compared to the highest pine tree at 268 feet or even if we consider tank at 162 feet.

The root extends as deep as 6 to 12 feet giving it a good strength against flood and wind and may extend it to fifty feet from the trunk.

Something that nature lovers would love to see.About 2,000-YEAR OLD REDWOODS found

  1. About 2,000-YEAR OLD REDWOODS found:
redwood forest (1)

Redwood Forest, California

The research marks that about 2,200 years old, living coasts redwood are found and may be even older.

  1. Their only habitant HERE:

The growth of the coast redwoods is seen only one place on Earth, i.e. right on the Pacific coast, i.e. from the Big Sur to southern Oregon.

redwood forest (2)

Redwood Forest, California

Although, the earlier records of history mark its existence of a greater range that included both the western North America and both the coasts of Asia and Europe.

  1. Dates to the time of DINOSAURS:

Redwood Forest, California is quite old and the first one may be dated to the time of dinosaurs before birds and flowers appeared on earth. Redwood is known to exist for about 240 million years and for 20 million years in California.LATIN OR ENGLISH redwoods

  1. LATIN OR ENGLISH redwoods:

The somewhat similar local redwood tree is known with an official name, Sequoia sempervirens, i.e. in Latin. This is why the NGO’s tend to protect this and expand the care for the redwood forests under the title of “Sempervirens Fund.”redwood forest (3)

  1. Climatic CHANGE controllers:

The trees in Redwood Forest are known for their role in maintaining a human-friendly climate. In this instance the coast redwoods are known to absorb a greater percentage of carbon dioxide, given out in a form of pollution. As the weather takes a change the redwood forests, existing in the Santa Cruz Mountains are known for providing refuge to animals and plants, allowing their survival.Redwood Forest animals

  1. Allows the WILD life to thrive:

The creatures that are wild, yet endangered creatures like Coho salmon, marbled Murrelet and mountain lions quite rely on the local redwood forests. They require an area lie this i.e. both large and well-connected to habitat.redwood forest (4)

  1. Robust SURVIVORS:

The redwoods trees live up a long life so long that they are pretty strong and way too resistant against fire, insects, and rot. To state facts, the redwood bark is as thick as one foot and sufficiently stuffed with tannin allowing good protection from insects, microbial diseases and even fire.

   redwood forest (5)Redwood Forest Pictures

redwood forest (6)Redwood Forest trees

Scottsdale Arizona (4)

Ten Things to Do In Scottsdale, Arizona

Scottsdale a place, i.e. 31 miles long and about 11 miles wide has a couple of mind boggling attractions including parks, concert hall and museums.

Here is a list of attractions that one may look forward when one sets out for Scottsdale, Arizona.McDowell Sonoran Preserve

  1. McDowell Sonoran Preserve:

The first on list is McDowell Sonoran Preserve i.e. a pretty large, sustainable desert habitat that offers a good hiking spot offering some amazing hikes for the whole family. One may bring hiking boots and have fun with both hiking and enjoy the scenic beauty.Old Town Scottsdale

  1. Old Town Scottsdale

The old town in the Scottsdale is one of the best strolling spots and stands out as one of the historic towns. Take the family for a leisurely stroll through historic Old Town to get a real taste of Scottsdale. The town situated downtown is surrounded by great restaurants, commendable art galleries, good jewelry shops and some unusual stories. Many cafes are also there to allow some good time.House of Broadcasting

  1. House of Broadcasting:

Anyone who is a recent star in the show business, or those who are interested in the Arizona’s broadcast history, a visit to the museum is a must as it holds on some genuine TV cameras, collection of some old wardrobes and radio equipment.Penske Racing Museum

  1. Penske Racing Museum:

Another museum in Scottsdale showcasing collection of trophies, cars and racing memorandum.Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts

  1. Scottsdale Center for the Performing Arts:

Another must that opens the way to some of the best Western United States performing arts halls.Butterfly wonderland

  1. Butterfly wonderland:

For all those that have a longing for fun, head with your friends and family to the Butterfly Wonderland in Scottsdale. It is one of the amazing art capacity with a cool glass atrium that gives a beautiful habitat as a tropical rainforest. Many of butterflies float freely in the wind. A cafe surrounding it serves as a refreshment stop along with a gift shop to hang out.The Museum of the West

  1. The Museum of the West:

This amazing museum, placed right in the Old Town of Scottsdale, covers details relating as many as 19 western states right from Texas to the Dakotas revealing amazing facts and artifacts for people of all ages.Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center

  1. Southwest Wildlife Conservation Center:

A trip to SWCC is a simple way of learning about wild animal rescue. This is a placed dedicated to the rescue of wild animals that are rescued and released back to their original habitat.MacDonald’s Ranch

  1. MacDonald’s Ranch:

One may also enjoy a day at the MacDonald’s Ranch in Scottsdale with a lot of fun filled stuff ranging from horseback rides to hayrides cowboy cookouts and the amazing backdrop in the form of Desert that allows casual ride through a fun filled wildlife flora and fauna.McCormick-Stillman Park

  1. McCormick-Stillman Park:

For all those who enjoy train rides along the lovely parks, the best stop for you in Scottsdale is McCormick-Stillman Railroad Park. People of all ages shall enjoy this as the train runs with a bunch of interactive buttons allowing to activate numerous equipment, lights and sound.

 Scottsdale Arizona (6)Scottsdale, Arizona mountainsScottsdale Arizona (5)Scottsdale, Arizona photography  Scottsdale Arizona (4)Scottsdale, Arizona at night

Scottsdale Arizona (3)

Scottsdale Arizona (2)

Scottsdale Arizona (1)Scottsdale, Arizona Pictures

Bermuda Beaches (5)

Bermuda Beaches – Travel Info, Pictures, Attractions

So if you want to go to a desirable destination then the Bermuda Beaches are the best choice that you can make. You can choose any from the 34 beaches that exist. The beaches are beautiful and people are often spellbound by the beauty of the beach. They are unique and are full of different facilities for the visitors. The people can find a lot of interesting activities to spend the time. You can spend hours and hours on the beach and even then not get bored at the same time.

Bermuda Beaches (3)What makes Bermuda Beaches unique?

Do you know that you can find pink sand on these beaches? Yes! This is true. This is rare and you will not be able to find it elsewhere. The reason behind this pink sand is that the tiny red organisms grow under the coral reefs. When they die they get mixed up with sand and create pinkish sand. But there is also an unfortunate side to this. When the sand is exposed to the sun it begins to lose the color.  You can always take the sample with you home and remind yourself of the amazing time that you spent there.

Bermuda Beaches (2)Even if you are new, it’s not that difficult to enjoy at Bermuda Beaches:

They also provide bus service for the tourists. The public transportation can look after you and can take you safely to the desired place. There are many beautiful beaches there. The Horseshow Bay Beach is one of the examples. The beach is a curved shape pink sand beach that can take you to another world. The beach is ranked among the best beaches in the world. Tobacco Bay Beach, one of the Bermuda Beaches is another one that can have your attention. The greenery over there is mesmerizing and you can spend a lifetime over there. Also, there are bathroom facilities and moreover the eatables are also available. The services are amazing and flawless and the organizers over there make sure that the visitors do not face any sort of problem.

Bermuda Beaches (1)What else does Bermuda Beaches has to offer?

Warwick Long Bay Beach is located in the south. The beach has many facilities and you can also find comfortable restrooms. The food is very tasty and you should try each and every dish as all of them are very tasty. There is a private section that is made for the Elbow Beach Hotel. But the rest can be used by the tourists. You can swim and enjoy other water sports so that you can live life to the full. So do not miss the chance of visiting Bermuda Beaches and experience the beauty yourself.

Bermuda Beaches (4)Bermuda beach fun

Bermuda Beaches (5)Bermuda Beaches photography

Bermuda Beaches (6)Bermuda rocks

Bermuda Beaches (7)Bermuda Beaches girl enjoying

Bermuda Beaches (8)

Bermuda Beaches (9)Bermuda Beaches landscapes

Bermuda Beaches (10)

Bermuda Beaches (11)Bermuda Beaches sand

Bermuda Beaches (12)Bermuda Beaches Pictures

Boracay Island (3)

Boracay Island – One of The Best Beaches In The World

Boracay Island is a small island located in Philippines, situated 315 km in the south of Manila. The Boracay Island is the most beautiful island that you can visit on this planet. Its beauty invites the people from all around the world. The tourists come and visit the place and are mesmerized by the beauty of the island. It has received many awards in travel publications and agencies.

Boracay Island (1)The Flawless Management of Boracay Island:

The Philippine Tourism Authority is responsible for its management. The organization and management of the authority is flawless and you cannot find even a single thing that can lead you to lose your interest. In addition to this, there are other destinations that are worth visiting. The white sand beach is one of the examples in this regard. They are famous and known for its beautiful spot for relaxation. In simpler words, it is the best site that can be used to take a break from the boring life. The life at night in this place is amazing and the people enjoy being there in the midst of the beautiful place.

Boracay Island (3)Boracay Island – One of the best Islands in the world:

It has won many awards and in 2012 it was awarded the best island in the world. The international travel magazine named it to be the number one. Apart from this, the resort island is found to be the Best Islands in the world. This is the reason that the tourists are attracted to the place and keep on visiting it whenever they get a chance.

Boracay Island (4)What else does Boracay Island has to offer?

There are a number of leisure activities that can be found on this island. You can find riding, horseback riding, scuba diving, diving helmet, windsurfing, kite boarding, beach relaxation and much more. These are performed under supervision and the level of security of this place is superb. You do not have to worry about anything. There is also a golf course that is designed by Graham Marsh. There are more than 2000 rooms that are economical and have different price ranges. The services are marvelous and the staff makes sure that it is fulfilling the needs of its visitors.

Also, Boracay Island offers wide range of activities to keep the people busy. The restaurants are available and you can dine in whenever you want to. No doubt, Boracay Island is the best Holliday spot you could ever find.

 Boracay Island (2)   Boracay Island girl having funBoracay Island (5)Boracay Island boats Boracay Island (6)

Boracay Island (7)

Boracay Island (8)

Boracay Island (9)Boracay Island sand art Boracay Island (10)Boracay Island Pictures

Chichen Itza (2)

Chichen Itza Facts, Things to do, Pictures

The word Chichen Itza means ‘At the mouth of well of Itza’. If you want to experience the great site that can hold you in a mesmerizing state then Chichen Itza is the best location that you can lay your foot on. It is located in Tinum Municipality, Yucatan State, Mexico. It is a major tourist point in the city. The archeological site has a unique design and the building is the reminiscent of central Mexico and Puuc and Chenes styles. The city is a vibrant place and has the diffusion of multiple cultures. The place attracts the people from all around the world and makes them praise the beauty of the place. The tourist point offers a lot sites that are worth seeing.Chichen Itza (1)

Chichen Itza – One of the best archeological sites:

The site Chichen Itza is maintained by Mexico’s Instituto Nacional de Antropologia e Historia. The organizers make sure that they look after the building and keep it in its original form. The ruins are visited by many people. The site stores in itself a 1000 year old history. It holds in itself the rich heritage and the history that leaves a long lasting effect on the people. The stone work and the monument in Chichen Itza are unique. The art work captures the beauty of the site. It depicts the Mayan construction techniques that leave the onlookers speechless. The pyramids leave the spectator in state of disbelief. Apart from this, Chichen Itza also presents a mesmerizing view at the sunset and sunrise. You can have the best view in the spring. The corner of the pyramid casts a shadow of Kukulkan. It creates the illusion of a serpent god. The tourists appreciate the view and people love to be there.Chichen Itza (2)

What else does Chichen Itza offers?

There are also a number of activities that are offered in the area around Chichen Itza in order to entertain the tourists. The people enjoy playing games and keep themselves entertained. The Sacred Cenote is a natural well that has a diameter of 60 metres. The temple is also there which is called the Temple of the Warriors. It is also known as the Temple of the Thousand Columns. The Observatory is another site in Chichen Itza that is worth looking. The people can spend hours there. The Nunnery is the group of ruins that is also located in the city. The tourists with their adventurous nature can explore the place. So if you are one of those adventurous tourists, Chichen Itza is a place that you would never like to miss.

Chichen Itza (3)

Chichen Itza (4)

Chichen Itza (5)Chichen Itza Aerial view

Chichen Itza (6)

Chichen Itza (7)

Chichen Itza (8)Chichen Itza tourists attractions

Chichen Itza (9)Chichen Itza Photography

Chichen Itza (10)

Aarhus Denmark (1)

Aarhus, Denmark – Travel Guide, Facts, Places to Visit

Aarhus is known to be the second largest city in Denmark. It is the central city and you can find a total population of 1.378 million. The history of this city is very interesting and one can find many appealing aspects. The city Aarhus began as a Viking settlement that was founded in the 18th century. The history also holds the record of the plunder of resources when it was occupied by the Germans. The Germans hold the record of occupying the city twice. But with the advent of industrialization the city began to grow in a peaceful state and with the passage of time it became the second largest city.

Aarhus Denmark – Tourist Hub:

Aarhus Denmark offers a verity of cultural and economic activities. The trade takes place in the city and with this a large number of people keep visiting the place for tourism or business transactions. It is ranked at the top in the Conference city. It is considered an important port in the country and has become the reason of earning great revenue for the country. You can find the headquarters of many Danish companies in it.

Aarhus Denmark (1)Aarhus, Denmark – The culture diversity it has to offer is second to none:

The city is famous for its diverse cultural environment. The city also has many famous educational institutes. It also holds an interesting historical record of music. In the 1950s the city saw the emergence of jazz. The young population became the catalyst in this.

Aarhus Denmark is the central city and there are a number of cultural events that are held there. The city also has many theatres. The city is famous for holding events at both national and international level. Many popular Danish bands belong to Aarhus. The citizens can easily engage in the activities that are held in the educational institutions. They participate wholeheartedly and with this they get a chance to learn a lot. There are many recreational sites and this is the reason that the tourists are attracted to the city.

Aarhus Denmark (2)Aarhus Denmark tourists

Aarhus Denmark (3)Aarhus Denmark – Erasmus Experience

Aarhus Denmark, the best place for tourists:

There are no private beaches. The water sports are very popular in the city and people enjoy a lot being there and take interest in the activities. The total number of parks in the Aarhus is 134. The museums are also present that keep the tourists engaged. The night life in the city is also amazing. The different cuisines and tasty food does not let the visitors go without tasting it. So do visit this amazing city (Aarhus) at least once if possible. I bet you won’t regret it.

   Aarhus Denmark (4)Aarhus Denmark Pictures

Aarhus Denmark (5)Aarhus Denmark Map

Aarhus Denmark (6)Aarhus Denmark tourist activities

Aarhus Denmark (7)Aarhus Denmark cycles photo

Aarhus Denmark (8)Aarhus Denmark river

Aarhus Denmark (9)