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Vacation of a Lifetime: Waiheke Island

Want to de-stress and detox from all the worries and the hassles of your life? The answer to that question is always a YES. So just go take a ferry ride from Auckland, New Zealand (that is roughly 35 minutes long) and immerse yourself in a world of all good things. The Waiheke Island is a wonderland that of the best things in the world.Waiheke Island (4)

Vineyards, resorts, olive groves and the beaches. Click off your phone, turn off your laptops and look at this masterpiece by Mother Nature. Like really look at it. Take your shoes off, fold your pants up and just walk down the beach with nothing but yourself. Embrace the beauty that this world is and you will find eternal peace, in the beautiful Waiheke Island.

Besides the serenity and the scenic views, there is a lot more you can do at the Waiheke Island, like:

  • The vineyards produce some of the best local wine that is a die-for. There are restaurants on site where you can enjoy New Zealand’s Pacific Rim cuisine.
  • Enjoy a good coffee and the blue sea backdrop at cozy cafes.
  • Stroll down the street of Waiheke Island and pop in some art galleries and craft boutiques for a treat to the eyes.
  • Rent a bicycle and ride around this beautiful Waiheke island. Go free and go wild. Needless to say, do not forget to warm up or you will be down with sore muscles.
  • Zip line! This is an experience that is on everybody’s bucket list and so easy and inexpensive to tick off. Don’t miss it. Tick it off while you can. This adventurous activity is open to all age groups and also, there is a double line so you can ride beside your partner, best friend or grandfather.
  • Lounge under the sun with the beautiful view of the Waiheke Island beach. It is one of the most soothing experience ever.

Or you can just go to the beach and relax with a good book. Or just relax. The beach has detox properties that just cannot be explained. Leave all the worries of the world behind or let them drown in the beautiful blue waters. Go for a swim, free float on the water. Feel the sand in your feet and the wind in your hair. Or lounge poolside under the sun and get the tan you so want.

There is absolutely nothing that comes close to beach vacation especially at Waiheke Island, is there?

Waiheke Island (1)

Waiheke Island (2)Waiheke Island best spot

Waiheke Island (3)Waiheke Island photographsWaiheke Island (5)Waiheke Island Beach Sand

Waiheke Island (6)Waiheke Island aerial view

Waiheke Island (7)Waiheke Island Pictures


Things to Do in Sao Paulo

There is no vacation like a vacation in South America. Brazil is the heart of South America and must be on your list of places to visit. Brazilians are party people so get your party hat and get your groove on cause you are in for a ride of a lifetime.

There is so much to do and see. The food, culture, markets, architecture museums and the nightlife, oh the nightlife is a die-for. Sao Paulo also has leisure cycle lanes every Sunday from early morning to late afternoon for a car-free cycling experience. That is if you enjoy it of course.

There is so much more to do if you do not particularly enjoy the athletic bicycle ride. Without further ado, here is list of things you can do in Sao Paulo and these won’t even dent your wallet too.Sao Paulo Samba on Saturdays

  • Samba on Saturdays:

Like I said, Brazilians like to party. Especially after a whole week work. Pick a restaurant and go to lunch (Like the traditional feijoada in Sao Paulo) and forget everything, and inspired by its beauty.sao paulo sunday markets and museum

  • Sunday markets and museum:

Museu de Arte de Sao Paulo is the city’s best art museum and the trip comes with a bonus of a Sunday antiques open market. Enjoy some of the best Latin American art and stroll around the buzzing marketplace. Don’t miss out on the amazing street food (of Sao Paulo) while you are there.Sao Paulo street art

  • Street art:

The city hosts some great artwork along its wall. This can be found in the city center and gives a whole new meaning to the traditionally disliked ‘graffiti’.Sao Paulo street food

  • Street food and outdoor markets:

Sao Paulo has more than one Sunday market and the largest one is Praca da Republica. Get the best of street food, freshly made and delicious-smelling. Take a seat at the tiny tables and enjoy live music and there. It is one of the best things in Sao Paulo.Sao Paulo italian food

  • Like Italian:

The largest population of Italians out of Italy can be found in Bixiga. And they also bring their delicious cuisines so don’t forget to drive down to this neighborhood and indulge in the best of Italian.

Sao Paulo (1)Sao Paulo Pictures

There are so many more things to do and see. If you are into museums, then the city Sao Paulo holds few of the best museums that are must-sees. The architecture is also pretty amazing and wow-worthy. A stroll down the street will prove it right. A Brazilian vacation is unmatched!

Sao Paulo (2)

Sao Paulo (3)

Sao Paulo (4)Sao Paulo photography

Sao Paulo (5)

Sao Paulo (6)Sao Paulo buildings

Sao Paulo (7)

Sao Paulo (8)Sao Paulo at night


Marina Bay Sands, Singapore – Things to do

What is a vacation at the once named world’s most expensive casino and resort? A dream, it is a dream. Marina bay is a vacation spot in Singapore and a luxury resort that will treat you like royalty. It is luxury beyond luxury.

The resort has over 2500 rooms, a mall, museums, two large theatres, restaurants, delicious food by celebrity chefs, a skating rink, two floating Crystal Pavilions, an infinity swimming pool and of course the world’s largest casino. The resort (Marina Bay) is mostly famed for its modern architecture and the casino.

All of this might sound a bit too pricey. Of course, Singapore is the world’s most expensive country and all. But here is a list of things you can do in Marina Bay for ridiculously small amounts of cash:Marina Bay cruise

  1. Cruise around the Marina Bay in a River Taxi:

I know it sounds expensive. But it’s not.

  1. Picnic around the lesser known parts at the Bay:

Not as hard to find as one might think.marina bay water light show

  1. Water, light and music show:

It’s free and not one to miss. The best of laser vision technology with a backdrop of the skyline is one amazing experience. The show starts at 8pm but if you get there at the starting time, you are bound to get a bad spot. By 7:45pm, all the good spots are gone so make sure you get there well before the show starts.marina bay Art Science Museum

  1. Art Science Museum:

This museum brings a whole new meaning to the traditional museums. I lack the words to describe it so let’s just say you don’t want to miss this one.marina bay Skating

  1. Skating:

The skating rink is plastic, not ice. So this is all the more reason to go skating without having the fear of falling too hard on your bottom and getting up all damp and wet. And surprisingly, it is one of the inexpensive things that you can have in marina Bay.Marina Bay Sands (2)


There is so much more to do at the resort. It is literally packed with activities to indulge in and cherish forever. There are seasonal events and activities scheduled at the resort (Marina Bay) so don’t forget to ask about these at the counter.

The Marina Bay Sands is a one of a kind experience that you will never forget. Yes, it may be expensive but like mentioned above, there are many cheap activities you can enjoy. And anyway, you can’t put a price tag on fun. So do visit Marina Bay and get to feel the most amazing experience of your life.

Marina Bay Sands (1)  Marina Bay Sands aerial viewMarina Bay Sands (3)

Marina Bay Sands (4)Marina Bay Sands photography

Marina Bay Sands (5)

Marina Bay Sands (6)Marina Bay Sands pools Marina Bay Sands (7)

Marina Bay Sands (8)Marina Bay Sands Pictures

Marina Bay Sands (9)Marina Bay Sands swimming experience


Is Venice On Your Bucket List?

Art, culture, history, nature and love – Venice seems to have it all in one city. The city of love and the city of water. The city where you can lose yourself in ancient architecture and modern ways alike. A vacation in Italy is simply incomplete without a trip to Venice.venice city (3)

This city with red roofs have no roads, just canals and is a basically just a collaboration of a hundred small islands. Venice is quite a wonder in itself. It is unimaginable what they have made of it. Although sadly, the water levels are slowly rising which means that one day this glorious city will no longer be on the map. All the more reason to see it now before it’s lost.

Here are things that you can enjoy in Venice:Mark’s Basilica

  • Mark’s Basilica:

A work of magic. This is the most famous church in the Venice city and dates back to the 12th century. The artwork that it holds is truly magnificent and the architecture is simply divine.

Mark’s SquareVenice City – Mark’s Square

  • Mark’s Square:

A visit to this vast expanse is a must because it offers the experience of the traditional European roadside experience. You will find cafes where you can unwind and enjoy the lovely Adriatic Sea breeze and admire the beautiful work of architecture that makes the square. This is the largest square in Venice.Grand CanalVenice City – Grand Canal

  • Grand Canal:

Can’t be missed. Just can’t. A trip to Venice is incomplete without seeing the Great, Great Canal and the gorgeous blue lagoons.Fine Arts Museum

  • Fine Arts Museum:

It’s not just the destination for art lovers but for anywhere who has a taste for the finer things in life. So much beauty and so much to see. You will definitely have an evening you will remember here.

lido veniceVenice City – Lido Beach

  • Lido:

Because luxury is a modern day need. Here you will find a luxury beach resort which you can explore on foot or on a rented bike. Whatever you choose, the place is unbelievable. It is the just way to complete your trip. And if you find yourself vacationing in Venice in August or September than you may lucky enough to witness the International Film Festival in full swing.

The above mentioned were just a few things that you can do in Venice. There is still a ton more to see and do that you will find yourself extending your trip. That is a promise, folks.

 venice city (1)Venice City aerial view

venice city (2)  Venice City romantic cruisevenice city (4)

venice city (5)Venice City Pictures

venice city (6)Venice City travel photography


Why You Should Visit Atlanta, Georgia?

If you find yourself in the United States then must visit Atlanta, Georgia. Well, most first time visitors to the US usually just want to visit the big apple and certain other big cities but the lesser known ones are simply not worth missing out on.

Atlanta Georgia (3)Atlanta Georgia travel photography

Recently, Atlanta Georgia is becoming the new ‘it’ place and attracting more and more people whether it is tourists, visitors or people setting up business. It is becoming the next international destination that you must put on your list to visit.

Atlanta Georgia (4)Whether you are looking for a little bit of fun and family time or make memories dancing the night away, Atlanta Georgia has got it all. Take your taste buds on a fiery adventure with authentic world-class cuisines at fancy restaurants. Take yourself to hip nightclubs and make memories of a lifetime. The fun just doesn’t stop.

Modernism hasn’t taken over the city though because the city has carefully preserved its’ history. Atlanta Georgia History Center and Martin Luther King Jr. Historical Site are all part of the main tourist attractions in this upcoming city. This is not it. There is a lot more history well preserved and vastly celebrated.Atlanta Georgia (1)

Must-Visit Spots – Atlanta, Georgia:atlanta Georgia AquariumThe Georgia Aquarium is another die for. If you can kids then you simply must make a trip to the aquarium. The shots in perfect wooden frames with dolphins are going to make a permanent spot on your shelves. Something the kids will always cherish.atlanta Georgia AquariumAtlanta’s Botanical Gardens will serve you a lovely visit and a great way to spend the day admiring and soaking up the beauty of Mother Nature. So charge your camera folks, because you will want to click a picture of everything!Centennial Olympic ParkCentennial Olympic Park will prove to be a lovely spot to spend the day. Just pack a picnic basket or soak up the summer sun. High Museum of Art simply cannot be missed by art freaks. If that is not your cup of tea, then take the electric car city tour and see Atlanta in its full swing.

This is not it. There are more parks, activities, museums, churches and historical sites to see and love. The calm of the city can be contagious. As in you will not want to leave. So whenever you find yourself in the United States, do not miss Atlanta. Because this city does not disappoint.

 Atlanta Georgia (2)   Atlanta Georgia Pictures

Atlanta Georgia (5)Atlanta Georgia at night Atlanta Georgia (6)

Atlanta Georgia (7)

Atlanta Georgia (8)Atlanta Georgia Photography Atlanta Georgia (9)Atlanta Georgia buildings

Atlanta Georgia (10)Atlanta Georgia skyline


Things to do in Vatican City

Ever find yourself in Vatican City? If you want a spiritual holiday or just a walk down history, then this is the place to be. The place is literally crowded with art and historical monuments. Stuff that dates back a 1000 years or more. Vatican City is at the edge of Rome and there is only a fine line between Rome and Vatican City.

It has population of less than a thousand people and it covers only 110 acres. Vatican City has its’ own laws that are largely enforceable. Strictly no shorts, sleeveless or hats. Scarves are allowed and your knees should be covered at all times. The locals actually take A LOT of offense when these rules are not met. It is a holy state and respect and modesty are highly esteemed.

Well, there is so much there to do and see that we should jump right into it.

Fun fact: Vatican City is actually a country. Yes, the smallest country on the planet! Peter’s Basilica

  1. Peter’s Basilica:

Of course this is on the top of the list. This church dates back to the 4th century and is the center of Roman Catholics. It is also the largest and most famed church in the world. Under the church are the crypts where popes and St. Peter are laid to rest. It is also home to the Pope. There are tour groups that can show you around and tell you all about their tradition and historical facts.Vatican City Museum

  1. Vatican City Museums:

Art lover? Well, you can see all those famed arts pieces in all their glory here. Michelangelo, Raphael and Bernini- all you can see. Vatican City museums actually house the best of Renaissance art and also, own most of it.Sistine Chapel

  1. Sistine Chapel:

We all know the painting of Michelangelo where God is reaching out to Adam and their fingers are only an inch apart. Yes, the painting lies here. Actually it is painted on the ceiling. Quite a sight, it will leave you awestruck. But put your cameras away, because photography is strictly prohibited.Meet the Pope vatican city

  1. Meet the Pope:

Yep, it’s true. When you are in Vatican City, ask around for the guard vatican city

  1. Meet the Swiss guards:

I know it sounds stupid but it’s actually a thing. And if the guard is up to it, maybe he’ll take a picture or two with you.

You are going to have a holiday of a lifetime at the great Vatican City. Truly enlightening.

Vatican City (1)Vatican City sunset

Vatican City (2)Vatican City Pictures

Vatican City (3)

Vatican City (4)Vatican City aerial view

Vatican City (5)


Vatican City (6)

Vatican City (7)


Marsa Alam A Town In South-Eastern Egypt

Marsa Alam is a settlement found in the south-eastern part of the Egypt, positioned at the Red Sea’s western shore. It has been recently regarded as one of the major tourist attractions and developing to allow a greater influx of tourism and the real credit goes to the current opening i.e. in year 2003, the Marsa Alam International Airport.

To list some of the major attractions we have many like Abu Dabab beach, the enchanting Emerald Mines and the worth seeing Temple of Seti I at Khanais, there are a list of attractions that one should go for and listed below:Marsa Alam (1)

  1. Reach out the ancient city of Luxor:

A day trip to Marsa Alam is a must when you get here. The Luxor city is a hub to many historical monuments and temples and the most amazing is the museum of  Pharaonic Egypt that is both huge and open air.

One can enjoy the cool breeze of the city while drifting through Nile, see the local Egyptian town life and culture and watch the soothing view of sunsets.Marsa Alam (9)

  1. Fishing fun:

At Marsa Alam, not only the view of sea soothes your eyes, but the deep fishing also provides you a fun game. The fish rich sea at Marsa Alam can be enjoyed by hiring luxury yacht to give a try for fishing or take fishing lessons if one fails to grab a fish.

marsa-alam-desert-safariMarsa Alam – Safari Desert

  1. The desert Safari:

In Marsa Alam one may also enjoy a bike ride in the desert safari, this gets really thrilling with the bumpy and the dusty ride along the way. However, having a protective head and eye gear would be a step to save eyes from dust and sun rays. On the other hand, one can also go enjoy camel or horse safari in Marsa Alam that brings in the dramatic ride through the rugged mountain and its topography.port-ghalib

  1. Spend some time the Port Ghalib:

The port Ghalib offers you to spend quality time here, a day spent at the Port Ghalib marina, is a day well spent. The marina at Marsa Alam has a lot of offerings as are surrounded by bars, bistros and restaurants with all fun supplies. Here one is also open to enjoy some of the delicious Egyptian food, including grilled lamb kebabs and the yumilicious plus freshest seafood with a cool sea view.Marsa Alam (6)

  1. Reach out the Beach:

The famous Marsa Alam, here coming to beach is a must to enjoy a sun bath, to sit for a favorite book or just stroll on the sand. One can also enjoy the view of the unusual view of the sea and the amazing bird life. In addition to this one can have fun of swimming in one of the warmest sea.

 Marsa Alam (2)Marsa Alam Pictures

Marsa Alam (3)

Marsa Alam (4)Marsa Alam travel photography

Marsa Alam (5)  Marsa Alam (7)Marsa Alam beach

Marsa Alam (8)  Marsa Alam (10)Marsa Alam map

Marsa Alam (11)Marsa Alam lights


Banaue Rice Terraces, Philippines

The Banaue Rice Terraces are no less of a Cultural Treasure of the great Philippines and stands out as one of the outstanding Natural Wonder of the World, as categorized by most of the Filipinos. The terraces are beautifully fashioned in the mountains of Ifugao. These rice terraces are found in the mountainous expanses of Ifugao and also in the northern Luzon Island for about 2,000 years and even before that.

Banaue Rice Terraces (2)Ifugao – Banaue Rice Terraces

The real motive of having the terraces was to bring in a practical solution to the tricky rice growing phenomenon on a suitable piece of land. The terraces ascend to over fifteen hundred meters above the sea level. Then from that time they are situated in the distant region of the Philippines chief island of Luzon. In order to reach out to this region to have a view of this fantastic terrace, a little walk has to be taken. However, the most prevalent and well liked spot to view at the rice terraces is known as the Sunrise Viewpoint. Here at the Sunrise viewpoint, the regional Igarot tribes people posture for photography and make their living by selling out the wood carvings. In addition to this, there is a possibility of setting out foot along the trails from corner to corner of the rice paddies. The banks look amazing as have discrete wild scarlet flowers that contrast fabulously with the bright intense green rice plantings.

In order to have a complete tour of the region (The Banaue Rice Terraces), one should take up a guide to enjoy minute details and not to get lost in this beautiful green spread-out of rice. The hikers can have the real fun by climbing up the valleys of the terraced region and as they come across the waterfall and the natural swimming ponds, all the lethargy and hiking strain would be taken away.

Banaue Rice Terraces (1)These Banaue rice terraces are one of the finest rice producing terraces as in the year 2009. They were declared to be free of any genetic modification. Along with this the farming here is carried out in contemporary style exactly the way they were carried out about hundred years ago. These rice terraces are ever famous and visited all around the year by people coming from all over the world, yet the right time to make a trip to banaue rice terraces is around February and March as the planting and cleaning time approaches, while June and July are the months of harvesting thus, not welcoming for the tourists. So pack your bags and get to visit the most beautiful Banaue rice terraces.

Banaue Rice Terraces (3)

Banaue Rice Terraces (4)Banaue Rice Terraces tourists

Banaue Rice Terraces (5)

Banaue Rice Terraces (6)

Banaue Rice Terraces (7)Banaue Rice Terraces view

Banaue Rice Terraces (8)

Banaue Rice Terraces (9)

Banaue Rice Terraces (10)Banaue Rice Terraces Photography

Banaue Rice Terraces (11)


Jakarta, The Capital City of Indonesia

The city of Jakarta is the hub of fascination for tourist all around the world and stand out as center of attraction and the Republic of Indonesia’s capital city. Some of the explicit belongings of the city are its worth seeing sites that includes about 13,000 islands. And the diversity found in its culture is evident from its population of around 180 million, coming up with about 300 ethnic groups that speak nearly 200 various languages.

Jakarta City (4)Jakarta photography

Jakarta is a designated as a distinct territory with a privileged status of a province, spread over an area of 637.44 square km area. The city enjoys the location of the archipelago, thus offers the major route the remaining part of Indonesia. This capital city comes with all that a good life and developed city entails, i.e. classy land, availability of sea and air transport that connects you to the rest of the country and even beyond.

Jakarta stands out as the tourists designated region as it attracts a number of tourists from all around the world. The availability of wide-spread transportation, ethnic sites, and comfortable stay is altogether what allows great tourism in the city. A couple of the languages are spoken here and amongst them the prime is Betawi Malay spoken by the “Orang Betawi” group and is spoken in two different varieties by the modern and conventional group of people.

Jakarta City (5)To talk about its significance, the architecture of the city is worth mention that is a reflection and also to its credit is the great influx of the tourism.  The Taman Fatahillah Restoration Project that initiated around early 1970s has been a major step for the restoration of the old heritage of Jakarta that is also well recognized as Old Batavia. The Old Portuguese Church has converted to a museum, while the Supreme Court building is house of fine arts and the old Town Hall is now the Jakarta Museum. Jakarta has successfully preserved its past and recovered its monuments to shape up the city into a modern look. Skyscrapers in the center of the city are part of a new look. The modern luxury and the skyscrapers give city a new look and brings in huge tourism. Moreover, the city has some of the up-dated educational institutes, research centers and cultural organizations, fulfilling all requisites of a modern city. In the recent past, Jakarta has managed well to achieve prominence as a principal metropolitan center. The quality of the life has improved transportation facilities have widened, the city has developed. All in all the city comes up with an improved living standards.

Jakarta City (1) Jakarta City (2)Jakarta buildings Jakarta City (3)   Jakarta IndonesiaJakarta City (6)Jakarta city skyline

Jakarta City (7)Jakarta pictures

Jakarta City (8)Jakarta city aerial view Jakarta City (9) Jakarta City (10)


Paris City Tour, Travel Information, Things to do

Paris is called the city of lights and is often accredited for being the most romantic cities in the world. Despite of the recent terrorist attacks, Paris is still a top destination for tourists. The city is full of elegance and chic similar to the lifestyle of its people.

Paris holds numerous reasons to be on the top of your “go-to” list, from being rich in art to the greatest architecture and of course the “Eiffel Tower”. The city has held the attraction of writers and artists from centuries ago and Paris seem like a timeless beauty itself.

Paris is a city full of art. Displaying the greatest work of arts in terms of its beautiful architecture and greatest stained glass work in whole world; Paris has one of the biggest art galleries in Europe as well. The “Louvre” museum holds a staggering number of over 30,000 art pieces.

Paris had been the center of attraction for writers and painters from as long as the medieval. The city holds the finest works from the greatest artists of all time including, the very famous Mona Lisa by Leonardo Da Vinci.

Paris is a city which has a personality of its own. Somehow the Parisians have managed to maintain that personality though out the years. The city has some breath taking beautiful architects which include The Eiffel Tower, Statue of Liberty, Notre Dame Cathedral and Disney land to top the list.

The city allows you the pleasure to take an elevator ride along the famous Eiffel Tower. The city of lights, look serene from that bird eye view. The Notre Dame Cathedral is another place to-be in the City. It was home to the famous Hunchback and bell-ringer, Quasimodo. Just the bell in the cathedral weighs more than three elephants.Paris City (3)

The city is also rich in its cuisine, varying from the best bakeries to the legendary wine; Paris is definitely the place for the food lovers. The city holds numerous terrace cafes, fine dining restaurants, bakeries, cheese parlors etc. which offer nothing short of “class”.

The city is also known to have one of the most committed and professional chefs and waiters.

art-and-culture-paris-streetART AND CULTURE FLOOD THE STREET
Paris literally is full of art even as much so that you’ll find people playing different instruments and painting portraits at every nook and corner of the city. Just like the city the work of Parisians will leave you astonished for more.

Paris City (1)  Paris City Autumn view

Paris City (4)Eiffel tower

Paris City (5)Paris City Aerial view Paris City (6) Paris City (7)Paris City PicturesParis City (8) Paris City (9)Paris France photography Paris City (10)